Pricing for 3D animated videos in Delhi

May 24, 2022

How much it cost?

Your animated video for your project, yes that one, how much did you pay? Outsourced it? Is it any good, because someone always does better. That someone being Video Tailor that too at competitive rates, ensuring quality work of the highest order. Think how are 3D animated videos priced and on what basis?


See the pricing parameters that are taken into consideration when making a 3D video.


Arguably the price points vary from company to company. Some discuss the technical aspects of the 3D animated videos, their sub-types. Rarely does a 3D animation company list it’s pricing, in the meanwhile leaving room for hidden costs.


Types of 3D Animated Videos

From here on we will talk about the different 3D video rendering Video Tailor offers to its customers, inclusive of the price rate:


Animation has presented itself as the most easy to understand communication media. Ironically it can also be mistaken if not done properly. Video Tailor strives to achieve a seamless transition of your thoughts and desire into a physical form. Following are the service types under which we classify the 3D animated videos:


Elementary 3D Animation

  • This category deals ONLY in logo animation, in addition to alphabetic animations, and design.
  • Price range starts from INR 8,000.00 onwards, fixed.
  • However if during concept discussion with the client, if certain changes are outside agreement then the new final price will be presented.


Noble 3D Animation

  • The service develops PRODUCT specific 3D videos. Elements like human characters, 3D background are not made.
  • The product is developed in 3D and showcased in 360° angles and close-up shots.
  • Cost ranges to INR 50,000.
  • Voiceover costs additional depending on the number of words.


Magnific 3D Animation

  • First and foremost, this animation service caters to developing complex product/process animations.
  • Second, not only duration but the detailing as well is taken into account while finalizing the cost.
  • Third, minimum rendering and designing costs start from INR 1,00,000.


Magnific 3D Product Animation


Magnific 3D Product Animation

Distingue’ 3D Animation

  • This animation is the 3D architectural rendering. Price is calculated on the basis of complexity of the design.
  • The basic outline to be given by the client.
  • However, it’s preferable to opt for a shoot based video rather than architectural rendering.
  • This option depends on whether or not the building has been constructed or a work-in-progress.
  • Pricing starts from INR 1,50,000.

Distingue’ 3D Product Animation


Distingue’ 3D Product Animation

You can also look at the pricing parameters for 3D animated videos.

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