Types of corporate videos every business can opt for-

May 25, 2022

Yes!! corporate videos, Have little or no clue about it? Don’t worry this article is what you were looking for then. Through our research, we have covered A-Z aspects of corporate videos in this article. Let’s start !!


Corporate Video is nothing but a video which focuses on the company’s significant selling demographics or internal employees, produced by the company, organization or corporation itself. These videos are mostly used for brand or product promotion, however, it has endless uses, from employee training to live stream of a company event, you will be baffled to know it’s potential, the potential which can help your company to reach new heights.


General Process of making a corporate video –


1-First decide your objectives

2- Know your audience

3- Focus on Core Message

4- Plan your video

5- Develop the creative approach

6- Script is the blueprint of your video, make it wisely.

7- Finally shoot the video

8- Post-production is the key

9- Distribute and market your video


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Types of videos every business should have are –

1- Explainer Video

No or little knowledge about the product is one of the key reasons of failure of a good product. If the consumer does not know how to use the product properly, he/she won’t be able to have the full benefits of the product and ultimately he/she switch to another product, and this is applied not only in complex products but simple products also.

An explainer video just like its name means an explainer video which explains it’s viewers about a product or service or is related to solving their problem. Through these videos, you not only promote your product and brand indirectly but also show your expertise and professionalism that might intimidate the viewers. Also, a video is any day better than traditional ‘directions to use’ as the human mind learns faster by visualising than reading. These videos are just more than simply explaining, they also share important tips and information which the directions to use might not cover. If the video manages to satisfy the viewer then the consumer will subconsciously start trusting the product and brand and become your loyal customer for a long time.


2- Client’s testimonial

If one questions- What is the sole purpose of advertisement? Then a simple answer would be ‘convince customers to buy the products’ which can be a tricky task due to numerous reasons like consumers might not need your product or might not be comfortable to try something new etc. then how can you attract the new consumers, the answer is client testimonials. If the consumers feel that other consumers are happy with your product then he/she will also want to try it. So, it will be great if you make videos on how good your customers felt after using the products as it will act as a rating + advertisement + increase in credibility.


3- Product Launch Videos

These type of corporate videos are helpful when you are about to launch a new product or service. For creating hype and for the promotion of products companies often post videos on the social media sites informing the target audience about all the new features, design, price etc of the new product. It excites the potential consumers to purchase the product as soon as possible. This trend is mainly present in the technology industry like smartphones, laptops, smart watches etc but is looking for the opportunities in other industries also.

4- CEO testimonial

Hard Work and passion is something which is liked by everyone whether it is your customer or your employee. CEO testimonial is the stage on which the CEO shares his passion, company goals, his experience and how much hard work it went to make the product. It motivates the employees to work hard just like their management and it fills the customer with reassurance about the product increasing their trust and loyalty for the product, brand and the company.


5- Industrial Videos

Industrial videos are the videos which focus on the industry as a whole. These videos are mainly for investors and shareholders and sometimes consumers. Through this video, the company tries to show their achievements and help in making your first impression because an intelligent investor first do all the research about you on the internet

Before even meeting you, in that case, the Industrial videos are the platform where you can tell them about your strengths, opportunities and achievements and show them how you are different from other players of the industry.


6- Company Culture

On number 6, here we have corporate video type related to the work culture of your company. These videos show the work environment of your company to mainly students during internships and campus placements.

These videos show the viewers that your company is not about work but beyond it, where employees have a balanced life. These videos focus on the facilities and privileges of the company and it includes employee stories, events, infrastructure of the office, colleague bonding etc. A great organization needs great employees, and this is the type of video that performs this task.


7- FAQs

It stands for frequently asked questions, the FAQs are the common questions that lie in the minds of most of the consumers. The more you will clear the doubts of customers the more they will trust you.

Hence nowadays many large companies are coming up with videos which not only clears the doubts of consumers but also provide them with online support, product maintenance guide and important tips. An FAQ video will surely be helpful to increase the goodwill of the brand and company and also reduce the burden on your customer care department.


8- Training Videos

Training of new employees is obviously very important irrespective of the industry type. However, it is a recurring work which both requires money and time, so why don’t you take a smart decision and make it a one time work by making the employee training videos.

Let the trainer walk through the work area explaining the procedure, maintenance and other stuff of all the complicated machines and then share that video with all the employees. By this way, the whole batch of new employees can learn all about the training again and again at almost no cost. It helps both in saving money and time and fulfils the objective of training at the same time.



Here we have discussed with you top corporate videos must for every business, We have our samples of corporate videos too as our company Videotailor is emerging as a leader in the corporate video production industry. So check out those samples too.  If you  find this article helpful and beneficial in any mannner, do like and share it and feel free to ask any queries regarding article in the comment box below.

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