Top 7 Tips For Best Candid Photography

May 18, 2022

Vision For Candid Photography

One of the best features of photography is the ability to steal your heart with a smile that matters the most to you. It adds life to your picture. Making a memory that lasts a lifetime is the need of the hour, and best candid photography is the one stop solution you have always been looking for. Candid photography is all about understanding and capturing unplanned moments of someone’s emotion. Be it a delightful or an emotional moment, Candid style of photography has increasingly become popular over the years.


Weddings have changed drastically over the past few years, couple expect more from wedding these days, they don’t want to stick to traditional normal photography anymore. They expect, rather they want the raw energy, enthusiasm of the people, who’ve come to  witness their celebration of life together. As a result, preferring candid photography rather than staged shots.

1. Let the action come to you !!

Do not rush things, make sure that your candid shot looks great and do not give people a second thought about it being the real candid. To make this a sure event what you must do is wait for your shot to enter in the frame you think is the the best, to get the desired photograph you were always looking for.

Let the action come to you

2. Shoot From Multiple angles

It is always good to shoot same scene using different angles. Once you have clicked your shot from straight on angle, try capturing rest shots from different angles. Be it top, side and so on. Never stay at the same position because more the creativity the better is your outcome.

shoot from multiple angles

Use ample amount of light

Whenever you decide to click the photograph, check on the lighting conditions. Sufficient light must be available to make sure the shots are clicked to perfection. Shooting in the natural light will also cast the shadows, so make sure that you check on the position of the sun, before you head out and click the shots. Also, if you decide to use the flash light for your subject, your objective of using the candid photography will not be fulfilled.

4. Wait for the emotion

When you zoom in on a person to click the shot. Don’t simply press the shutter button and move on to the next group of people to capture. Wait for the emotion to unfold, especially if two people are talking to each other. The best candid photography shots will leave a mark so strong that it becomes an unforgettable memory.

emotion is what speaks best for candid photography

5. Use a long lens

Some people are very self-conscious and reserve themselves from getting clicked. What candid photography does best to these people, is click them without even them noticing it. Now, “how” is the real question ? How can we click without getting it to their attention. Well the solution is to use the long or zoom lens. An added benefit to shooting with a long lens is its ability to throw the background out of the focus, making your subject a more dynamic entity. You may also like to see tips to choose the right candid photographer

6. Go with the flow

No, I’m not asking you to follow people to click the best shots. All I am saying you is to go where the action is. The place that you feel is best to capture shots. The place that best describes your skill to capture candid photographs. The skill that makes you stand out of the crowd. Festivals, weddings, sporting events, beaches and bustling city streets are perfect locales for your candid photography. The best way to get it done is that you don’t ask people. Just take a shot and walk away without them noticing.

7. Take a lot of photos

One of the worst ways to miss a shot is to wait for the perfect click. Perfection at one go is a rarity, so make sure that you click a lot of photographs. Here is a thumb rule: only 1 or 2 pics out of 20 will a keeper. So, if you want to walk away with 5 to 7 good shots, make sure you click atleast 80 to 90 shots to get the desired shots. Also, if you are newbie aim to shoot even more.

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