Tips on How to Create Best Brand Videos

May 25, 2022

Why you should focus on creating a brand video for your business?

Brand videos are one of the new emerging trends of marketing and similar to an advertisement, the difference comes where advertisement focuses on the promotion of the product or the service. The brand video focuses on the promotion and selling of the brand as a whole. It’s targeted to create an emotional attachment with the people and convert them into loyal customers. For more information regarding how to get the Best Brand Videos for your business, kindly go through the below-mentioned points:-


Top Tips you should kept in mind when making brand videos are :

Make the Right Content

A brand is the most important part of your product, consumers will know your product because of your brand only. Mostly a brand is related to one type of products only, hence the content of your brand video should be based on the problems the products of your brand will solve. For the problems, you can look from your FAQ page or consumer service department. If the content of your video solves the problems or queries of customers then they will definitely start trusting your brand.


First impression is the last impression

First of all, face the reality, no one is actually interested in boring, predictable videos, they will only watch the full video, if the video manages to keep them interested for first 5-8 seconds. A good brand video always has a unique, interesting or unpredictable beginning that makes the viewer curious about what will happen next. Therefore the start of the video is most crucial. So kickstart the video accordingly

Creativity is important

Yes, it is important than anything else for the video. Your viewers must have seen many videos before your video and is quite familiar with traditional, repeated type of videos that are mostly based on the same kind of scripts. They want to see something new, something they haven’t seen before and something they can relate to. So, you should come with a creative, innovative kind of approach, but how you will do it? Here are 2-3 points for your help

-Write down all the ideas you have on paper and then choose the most appropriate one.

-Look for inspiration in other popular brand videos

-Don’t be scared if your idea is strange or different, go for it as long as the idea fulfills the objective of the video completely.


Story based Script

A script is the soul of any video as it is the finalized information according to which the video will be formed and from here, the actual production of video will start. A good brand video is always short (2-3 min) and easily understandable by masses. The script should revolve around your main objectives and tap into the power of story.

Try to make the script in the form of a story as storytelling activates cortisol and oxytocin brain chemicals who are responsible for generating attention and empathy. Instead of telling how good your company and product is to tell them indirectly in the form of a story. Check out here what is storyboarding?


Make them Laugh or Cry

Emotions are powerful whether it is love or hate, happiness or sadness etc. A recent study on the consumers shows that consumers tend to take decisions regarding products more on emotions than information. Once your video managed to capture the emotional attention of the consumers then you can easily tell about the utilities and why you should buy the product and convert the potential consumers into loyal consumers. Always remember the worst emotional response is no response at all, so either make them laugh or cry.


Pick the best location

The brand videos can be animated or digital, however, the location is important in both the types. For the digital videos, the location must be according to the number of people and theme, with minimum internal and external sound disturbances in the background. Also, keep the lighting proper.

These small problems can turn off the mood of the viewer and he/she might discontinue watching your video, so it’s better to make no mistake from your side. To avoid all these it is better to shoot the video in an artificial environment where there will be no problem of sound and light.


The video should be in MULTI MEDIUM

Multimedia is a combination of different content forms such as text, animation, images, audio, etc. Did you know according to research the viewer understands your product 70% better if your video has both audio and visual coding?

Therefore create an informative, story type, entertaining video with the help of multimedia and involve strong narration and emotional message. Use the best use of multimedia to make a brand video, which your viewers won’t forget easily.


Post-production is the key

Now when everything is done, it’s time for post-production and by this term we mean editing, adding graphics and special effects, music, voiceover etc. At this point in time, you only have a raw, simple video, which you have to edit and decorate so that it could be appealing to videos.

For all this, you can hire a professional editor or do it with the software like iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Camtasia, Screen flow, Final Cut or Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects. However, it is recommended to hire an experienced professional person who has desired talent and skills.


Call to action

Now everything is done till here, but what exactly you want your viewers to do after watching your amazing video? The answer is a call to action, which means you motivate the viewers to instantly look for purchasing of the products. There are some phrases for a call to action like offer must expire soon, buy one get one free, only for a limited period etc. It intimidates the viewers that it will be their loss if they don’t purchase the product right now. Hence, in short, don’t waste your video, offer a strong “call to action “ phrase in the end and provide online links for purchasing of your branded products.


Here, we have  shared top tips regarding brand videos with you, which we feel you should know when making brand videos. If you find this  article beneficial and informative, do like and share it and feel free to ask any query in the comment box. Thank you

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