25th Anniversary Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

25th anniversary is the milestone that’s worth a grand celebration and to do the same, couples should definitely consider documenting their memories in the form of professional photoshoots. To make these shoots cherish-able, proper planning and innovative ideas are needed, and by that, we mean stunning venues, nostalgic props, pretty outfits, etc.

To make the event unforgettable, photographers take into consideration some astonishing pre-wedding photography ideas that will make the couple feel like romantic newlyweds. Illustrating a variety of contemporary ideas, we have,

1. Nostalgia is the Key

Bringing nostalgic outfits, such as the original wedding outfits that the couple wore, into the frame, using the exact wedding photography poses from their wedding shoot, or/and making the use of some of their old pictures as props to portray a ‘then vs now’ storyline can be very heartening for the couple. The product will not just come out creative but also emotional, as reliving those beautiful moments afresh is a fantasy.

pre wedding shoot anniversary shoot video tailor

2. Music Video? A Big Yes

Bollywood never fails to raise fantasies, especially in the minds of couples, right? A music video on their favourite songs would be so damn electrifying, accomplishing the dream to live a Bollywood classic of their time with the love of their life. So, why not bring this dream over a reel on this auspicious occasion with a pre-wedding video and bring their youth back? Spare a few minutes to fall in love with a couple who have been falling for each other for ‘em so special 25 silver years, here!

3. Honeymoon Once Again!

Going back to the couple’s honeymoon destination for the photoshoot would be a great way to showcase the early phases and enjoyment of their married life which will nurture their love again just like before. Recreating the scenarios will not only elevate the beauty of the pictures but also expand their belief in fate with each other.

anniversary shoot wedding shoot video tailor

4. Generation tweetup

Aligning all of the family together in a photograph would be a wonderful idea to display the love and affection between all the generations that the anniversary couple has developed and maintained through the course of ‘oh-so happening twenty-five years’ of their marriage. Most people prioritise their relationships, and capturing their joy of being photographed with their loved ones can be framed as a goal.

family shoot anniversary photoshoot video tailor

5. Theme agenda

Setting up a specific theme by picking one of the couple’s favourite colours and pouring it all over the place by having them wear matching outfits and decorating the venue with flowers, balloons, and other items in that colour would be fascinating and artistic in its own right. Furthermore, the photographers can reproduce the theme of a location such as an amusement park, a parking lot, or any other location where the couple first met before or after their wedding.

anniversary shoot pre wedding anniversary shoot video tailor
theme shoot anniversary shoot video tailor

It can be hard to look for a trustworthy photographer and videographer to capture the most special moments of your life! A twenty-five year milestone deserves some amazing shots, and if you’re looking for the best wedding photographers in Delhi, we, at Video Tailor, would be pleased to capture this special time in your life. Don’t think twice to begin celebrating and seizing the great moments of your life with Video Tailor in order to preserve them for generations to come.


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