Innovative Save The Date Videos Of This Year

May 24, 2022

Ideal Save The Date Invitation video of 2017

Looking for a perfect invite for your big day? Here are the best Save The Date videos of this year for you. You can select from a variety of videos. Your wedding invite tells your journey of love to your friends and family with these beautiful videos, and that too with your own song selection at reasonable prices.


Indian Animated Wedding Invitation Video

Showcasing the Indian culture and heritage is our speciality. Share the news of your Wedding in a new and exciting fashion as we invite your loved ones to your wedding with the. You have our guarantee that the videography and photography practices and tech are State of the Art.

Price: Rs. 8000


Heartwarming Beach Save The Date Video

Our shoot based save the date video takes in the stunning beautiful beach life. The water echoes your love, and we deliver that love and devotion of yours in the video. Celebrate your life and have fun while making it. Spread the news of your love inviting your friends and family in your wedding in an adorable way.

Price: Rs 50000


Ultra HD Premium 3D Book Wedding Invitation

This astonishing Save The Date video is perfect for your wedding invitation, designed in a Royal 3D book look, it is alluring and magnificent in presentation. It gives your wedding invitation a remarkably royal look. Let your wedding news roll out on the royal red carpet.

Price:  Rs 12000


Animated Save The Date Video

Express your beautiful journey of love in this adorable way of animation video. Your wedding invitation should be as enchanting as is your wedding so, make it using this save the date video for wedding invite. Follow that yellow brick road! (Alice in Wonderland)

Price: Rs 5000


Royal Wedding Invitation (Sikh version)

This is the ideal video for your wedding invites . Spread your wedding news in a royal way by this save the date video. The specialty of this video is its resplendent look.  This Video is available in Hindu, Sikh Muslim and Christian version.

Price: Rs 5500


By The Beach Save The Video

Reside your fairy tale with this spectacular Save The Date video. Collect all your beautiful pictures and combine them in this video telling your alluring love story to everyone and invite your friends and family to your wedding. This is a splendid wedding invitation. You can even select your own theme for this video.

Price: Rs 3000


Royal Arabic Nikah

An invitation that tells your story in a language that is close to your heart. What would be better than this?  Showcase your journey of love in the language you want. Make your D-day special through a personalized invitation that you would love to share with your near and dear ones.

Price: Rs 4000

Sikh Wedding Invitation

The gem studded, high glowing, elegant invitations are the trademark of Sikh Weddings. With Punjabi enthusiasm invite all your friends and family to your wedding with the help of this save the date video. Celebrate your special day in pure Punjabi style.

Price: Rs 4000


Stop Motion Save The Date

If a cute wedding invite is what you are looking for, then have a look at this endearing Stop Motion Save The Video. An animated video can tell stories like no other video so,  tell your love story and display your love in an enchanting way. Invite all your friends and family to your by this cute save the date video.

Price: Rs 4000


Crazy Cocktail Party Invite Video

Wanna invite all your friends and family to a crazy evening? Then this is an ideal video for you. As this video sets the party mood and it’s perfect for your  big day. Invite all your friends and family with this peppy and energetic video, as your invite should be as lively as your party.

Price: Rs 7000


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Video Tailor , a pioneer in providing the most creative and innovative videos, was started in 2014.  The first company to launch viral save the date video in India.  Video Tailor now also deals with Marketing videos, Ad films, promotional videos, explainer videos, wedding and pre wedding shoots, Creative photography and cinematography. It is specialized in wedding photography and videography, pre wedding shoots and Save the Date video.


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