Promotional Video Shoot

May 24, 2022


Promotional videos are a popular marketing instrument intended to present or instruct the prospective consumers regarding the introduction of a specific item, cause, or association. By and large, a promo feature is displayed via apt mediums of communication. This typically involves the description of the product which is either being introduced or any new feature of the existing product is to be advertised. The reasons are entirely dependent upon the life cycle of the product. To hold the attention of the viewers sufficiently, the promotional video shoot has to be innovative.



Video promotion is highly attractive and targets more audience. It has more impact and is able to easily attract attention. A promotional video film is really attractive and with the use of right concept the message can be delivered easily. With the advent of internet and new media, video promotions have gained popularity among the masses. It provides competitive edge to the product in the market and ensures the long term sustainability.


Product videos have more personalized touch. Promotional videos allude the desire amongst the consumers to purchase the commodity. It aims to generate the interest of the audience in not just the product but the company. New concepts have to be advertised through this video to avail the benefits of maximum profitability and revenue generation.



  1. We get the insight into your idea to prepare a layout of the all your recommendation and requirements. We take a note of what you want and what kind of execution you are expecting. This helps us in understanding your perspective and expectations with ease.
  2. We conduct an in-depth study of your product in order to figure out its unique features which can be advertised to attract the audience. We search out for every nook and corner of the product and use the best facts in the video.
  3. Our scripting team assists in copy-writing because is an intricate task and has to be absolutely perfect to catch the eyes of the consumers. Attention seeking taglines and slogans have to be worked upon to stimulate a positive reaction from the audiences.
  4. Every product targets different prospects as a single product cannot cater the needs of every single person on this planet. Which implies that every advertisement needs to be tailor-made accordingly to meet the understanding of the target customers. We educate ourselves about your product’s prospective market as well by carrying out a market research.
  5. We understand the commercial aspects of the Promotional Video because a promotional video is a long-term investment that is why we all are responsible for making it right. So, we understand the commercial market to ensure your promotional video wins popularity and is reliable.
  6. We plan a shoot schedule, timetable, take fitting authorizations, and arrange the whole itinery of the shoot. If the video film is shot as per the schedule on right time with the availability of right resources then the film shoot is incurred to be economical in terms of both time and cost.
  7. We take permissions and do the paper work as they are important aspects in the methodology of making any video film. Following the procedure always emerges out to be advantageous only.
  8. How We shoot? We shoot using the most technologically updates equipment’s and camera gears suiting the theme of the video. We ensure we provide you a quality work by utilizing the best equipment’s. We even provide additional props to hike the appeal of the promotional film.
  9. Firstly we create a rough draft of the video to show you a sample module of our work. We may proceed forward when you approve the dummy video.
  10. The Final Cut of Promotional Video is made after you approve our rough draft and suggest changes, then we move forward perpetually to:
  • Correcting the hues of the video
  • Arranging the scenes in appropriate array
  • Include the Visual Effects where needed
  • Attach the voiceovers and the sound as per the concept

Team Video Tailor comprises of the best cinematographers, editors and technical specialists. We can make and alter the movies belonging to a myriad of genres. Few example: Institutional Video, Pre-wedding shoot and Wedding and Corporate feature etc. Our team of artists are with energetic and accomplished specialists.

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