Process of Making a corporate Video by Corporate Video Production Company, Video Tailor

May 24, 2022

The Process for a corporate video

1) Visualizing and deciding the type of corporate video targeted by the company :

Visualizing and deciding on the type of video targeted by the companies is majorly based on  type of audience we are targeting. If we want to target the group of people who believe in seeing the video , and knowing what is the best way to grow there business. We can reach them through social media and other platforms used majorly by the company. The major types of corporate videos involve  motivational corporate video, animation based video, service based corporate video in front of chroma, employee oriented corporate video etc.

2) Script for the video followed by voice over recording:

Script  serves as a blueprint for the video. Every single detail in this blueprint will for sure be in the final video produced. The more natural and interesting the script is , more it connects with audience.  Voice over and video go hand in hand . It is not necessary for a video to have sound but if your corporate video has sound make sure that your actions and words go hand in hand.


3) Storyboard:

Once the script is completed you must create a storyboard.  Once created it can help you to visualize how your your video will be shot . It gives you the clear visual portraying lighting, coloring, framing , transitions and many other aspects of the film. It will also show every shot of the video in detail which will then be closely followed.


4) Pre production for the shoot:

From deciding on the model to  shooting permissions every thing is done before the actual shoot begins.

Deciding on the model : Models are decided according to the message being conveyed in the video. If for instance it has to show some body building contest, then it becomes obvious that a model that has masculine built has to be chosen.

Location– Location of the shoot has to be decided according to the message it wants to portray.

Shooting date–  Date on which the actual shooting will take place.

Equipment–  All the equipment necessary for shooting are kept ready. This includes cordless mike, lights ,camera etc.

Shooting Permissions– Not all locations are free to shoot  some locations require special permissions and must be approved by the government beforehand


5) Shooting :

The reason why we created the storyboard and did all the briefing is so that the director can shoot the footage according to the plan. “No stone is left unturned”, when it comes to this day and the director just makes sure that each model gives their best shot. Enough footage is filmed to make the editing process as easy as possible.


6) Post production:

Post production phase of creating a film takes usually longer than the actual shooting of the film. The process includes editing, colour correction and the sound and the music addition. There are two ways of doing the post production. One is the old way – the film way i.e Shoot film and edit. Second is the digital way i.e the electronic way.

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