Pre Wedding Shoot In Havelock Island

A Pre-Wedding Shoot in Havelock Island is like a dream making way into reality. We have listed the important and considerable factors, the budget schemes, and all the relevant points for you to choose while selecting the most perfect Pre-Wedding Location. Lock the love in the bounty of nature at Havelock Island.

Why choose this ecstatic location?

The  location  for a Pre-Wedding Shoot is as important as picking the right outfit. And what’s better than an island which is surrounded by water and peace.

India is famous for its picturesque island – The Andaman and Nicobar the one of the largest islands that comprise a chain of islands to the east of Great Andaman in the Andaman Islands.

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Pre-Wedding and locations!

Pre-wedding shoots have become a necessary trend in the modern world to conserve the memories forever with them. Locations can instantly light up the mood of the entire Pre-Wedding Film, it brings reality and hypnotism into your best memory to be created. 

Havelock island

Havelock Island is one of the favorite destinations of wanderlusts and travel freak due to its beautiful presence in Andaman island. Havelock Island is known for its calm beaches and mesmerizing scenery that make it perfect for the pre-wedding shoots.

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Radhanagar beach

Radhanagar Beach on the western coast, also known as Number 7 Beach, is one of the most popular beaches on Havelock and was named “Best Beach in Asia” by Time in 2004. 

Once in a lifetime a person desires to spend his or her vacation on an island.There is a lighthouse at the northern point of the island, near Govinda Nagar and is an attraction to people around the world for photo and video shoots.

Location plays a major role for anything visual, if the location is not up to the mark then all other factors become tasteless and Among the prime locations Havelock island is trending on the list.the island are filled with numerous number of places and beaches which take the video and photos to the next level.

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Kalapathar beach

Some places like kalapathar beach where the rocks are of black color which gives a black and white contrast to videos. pre-wedding shoots are a source through which people want to make their moment into memory so they can see it often and smile all life long.
Thats the reason why people invest so much in their pre-weddings and what’s the point for investing a huge amount of money without a good location.

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Positive points

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A pre-wedding video needs a space for the couple and peace around so the focus could be on the relation among the couple and what’s more peaceful than an island. 

havelock island is one of the largest islands that comprise a chain of islands to the east of Great Andaman in the Andaman Islands.

Budget Friendly

The plus point for havelock island is it is a budget-friendly trip, if a person goes to an abroad trip it will easily cost around 2 to 3 lakhs for 3-4 days stay but havelock is first in class location which fit well into the pocket too.If you are not on a low budget then also havelock island can shock you in many ways.

Charming View

The turquoise crystal waters are perfect for a peek into the underwater world and will look like a charm in the pre-wedding video.

 the viewers will notice the place where you have been and will be amazed to see the calmness still elegance in the video where the couple will enjoy the company of each other in the lap of nature and water.The activities are another reason why people love to go to that place.

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Fun Activities

Activities like scuba diving attract the people’s attention so easily, as it is one thing that most people want to experience once in their lifetime. People have these kinds of activities in their bucket list. where they can surf over the water sparking by the reflection of sun or roam underwater feeling the coldness and pleasure of fish and coral lying beside them.

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Doesn’t matter if a person/couple is summer person or rain one,Havelock mainly has three main seasons: summer, winter, and monsoon. 

Owing to its location in the Bay of Bengal, it experiences heavy winds during the monsoon and a tropical climate otherwise. 

Early November until mid-May sees the best weather in the islands.Havelock islands has the pleasant sunny weather in the early months of the year and gets wet during the mid months of year, so whatever the type of weather lover are you the islands will not let you down moreover it also creates a theme for the pre-wedding shoot

Location is like salt in food without it the food is not edible, similarly location is the major factor on which the quality of the shoot depends.

Some people think shoots are not of that significance and expensive too but in today’s generation there is a need to establish a relation through visuals.

 Have you heard about something magical in your life, well you can feel and experience it in havelock island.


 The water in the ocean along the beach glows and a blue light appears when something is splashed in water, it is called bioluminescence, this can be experienced on no moonlight night when the ocean is quiet and calm the water illuminates when water is disturbed. isn’t it interesting and imagine having a poto/video along the beach with your loved one with the eye-catchy blue light flowing through your feet.


Currency used and conclusion

Currency used in havelock is same as India i.e rupees. As a pre-wedding shooting cameraman, one can find numerous props which will enhance the shots and will please the custom or couple. At end Havelock island is one of the best island for a pre-wedding shoot 

How to reach

You can reach directly to havelock island by taking a flight to port blair.Cruise services are also available which will add glory to your whole trip and the shoot which will you admire lifetime. So, Pack your bags and be ready to experience the best moments of life with your loved ones so that you both cherish those moments with you forever.

Havelock island


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