New Trends In Cinematic Wedding Films

May 21, 2022

Cinematic Indian Wedding Films

Cinematography is an art of motion picture photography we can simply say shooting videos. The term has originated from the film industry and now it has changed into wedding film industry now. The reason behind this is the evolution of wedding photography and wedding cinema over the years. In traditional wedding films, hours of footage is there which is spread over multiple DVDs. Cinematic Wedding Films are high quality videos which are produced in the style of a Bollywood or Hollywood film. In these type of wedding videos, there are dialogues, emotions, music and dancing. The videos has a story with a perfect beginning and end. There are lots of Cinematic Wedding Films Trends you need to know for a perfect wedding.


A Cinematic Wedding is like a storytelling film and the storyteller tells the story through still images or the mix of dialogues and music. Each and everyone who is involved in the film making process are highly skilled professionals and they emphasis on capturing and delivering high quality videos. Those days are gone when wedding videos started with the couple’s non-candid’s and pictures with specific poses and shooting a  3-hr long event. Traditional Indian wedding films were made in a different way that captured endless, single footage of wedding, and shooting every single thing that happens at the wedding from start to finish. But Modern day Wedding film ideas are totally unique from them.


Today, people are likely to spend large sums of money on their weddings as wedding industry is on a boom now a days and because of this you get to see new and latest trends. Here, I am sharing some of the latest trends in the Cinematic Wedding Video world.


Trends In Cinematic Indian Wedding Films

Wedding Trailers and highlights

Wedding trailers are trending in the world of cinematic wedding films. These are usually completed a few weeks after the wedding and it has a more unique style than a highlight reel, and it is only made to make the viewers want to see more of your wedding. Wedding teaser are a new way to make people take more interest in your wedding and it is a teaser to show family and friends while you are waiting for your full wedding video.

This idea is best for the people who don’t have time to watch the entire wedding ceremonies or couldn’t attend your wedding. Today, Wedding videographers are excelled in making wedding trailers that is made of beautifully shot highlights of the wedding. The video includes the Bride and Groom’s entry, Couple’s and their family’s performances, candid moments with their family and friends and much more.


Wedding Bloopers

Here is another Cinematic Wedding Films Trends you can take advantage of. No one is there who doesn’t enjoys laughter, and what if your every moments, from big smile to drama, everything gets captured in a video.

During the time of the wedding day, there are certainly so many embarrassing and hilarious moments that are caught while filming a video. This idea is really interesting for a wedding. People love watching and laughing on their funny moments as these are the memories that remind them of that particular moment. Making wedding blooper is a great idea to entertain the guests and your family.


Save the Date Videos

Save the Date videos are a short, engaging and entertaining trailer that takes your wedding video to the next level. These videos have background music, voice overs, and appreciable video editing effects.

You should have it while the final wedding video is being prepared. In these videos, the voiceover of the couple exchanging vows in the background adds an emotional layer to the Wedding video. These Save the date videos are best to send to your friends and family. You can even share these videos through Facebook, WhatsApp or E mail.


Merging Images With Videos

Merging still images in the videos is a technique to add identity to your Cinematic Wedding video. Combining the still photographs with video changes it in a refreshing way.

In the video, few images of the bride getting ready or Groom getting ready pictures can be added. The video perfectly changes from motion to still pictures and back and this helps keeping the viewers attention for the whole duration of the video. This Cinematic Wedding Films Trends adds an emotional substance in the videos and make the videos more adorable and better.



Cinematic wedding experience

This is another trend in wedding videos that offers a cinematic wedding experience to your guests and family. This is done by showing your cinematic wedding film in a movie theatre of your choice which is only booked for your family and friends. This service offers the viewers a cinematic experience by showing their wedding film on the big screen. The film showcases the pictures along with videos of the relationship journey. For this you need to hire professional photographers and videographers, so that they can deliver you the best quality videos.

You can also view the film in 3D for best experience and the 3D video will make everyone feel like they are actually attending the wedding. Also, you don’t have to wait for months to get the video, as the experts who provide these services are super quick.


Musical Videos

Shooting  musical videos is a nice way to flaunt the wedding and also a new Cinematic Wedding Films Trends. Wedding Videographers find talented composers and their music to make a nice story and capture the beautiful dance routines to make the story look more adorable. The best part about these musical videos is couples lip syncing performances on different the songs. The videos include everyone performance from the family members to the other guests, making the videos more entertaining, exciting and fun.

The cinematic wedding world has lots of trends and these were some of them.

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