Innovative Pre Wedding Photoshoot Concepts

May 27, 2022

Innovative Pre Wedding Photoshoot Concepts

Forasmuch the butterflies tend to intensify as the BIG-DAY arrives, the memories of it in preserved manner must be exquisite for the other generations too! However, to catch the grip of future generations and concerns of the president generation, in order to admire the present of the weds, innovation in terms of novelty is supposed to be kept handy. With each year passing by, numerous trends have caught the eyes of couples, and recreations are born. We, at Video Tailor, have successfully altered our ways to bring your imaginations into reality, so they can be cherished in the name of love!


The conceptualization of a pre wedding shoot requires a proper structure consisting of plot, setting, shooting, and editing to bring in the perfect narrative of your love story. The following are a few pre wedding shoot ideas presented by us to brighten up the already bright aura of yours.

Lip sync your way towards the wedding bells!


What’s better than lip-syncing to a song which signifies your story. Watch a similar story shot by us on “Anjaana Anjaani” with a lovely couple making their way out in the ceaseless deserts and sky, jamming on their own love beat, and us over there are the best pre wedding photographers in Delhi following your way globally!


What’s in here?


Add your own flair to that song!

Get inspired and bring in the props, location, outfits, and all that love to uplift the theme!

A fun and compact narrative flow!

Get old watching the Graphic Novel of your own! (Aww!)


Reader and a watcher? What could be a better option for a couple where one loves to read and the other loves to watch? Let us bring you into a graphic novel shoot!


Let the audience look at a shoot with us involving a love story of two colleagues who are set with each other through their peers and eventually come forward to a date. Initially, a spark is seen in the guy’s heart which gradually results in a flame in the girl’s core as well, resulting in endless talks! Well, you know how it ends, right? Watch it here!


What’s in here?


Personalized story!

Multiple locations with known touch! (Office, cafe, and the final destination)

Exchange of dialogues and feelings through speech bubbles in the pre wedding shoot video!

Let’s rock with our feet on both worlds! Black&

White to Colour

Oh, how we miss the retro world in this modernized era! We think that the expressions of love and further gestures were seemingly mesmerizing then. Mutual feelings? Ah… here we are with a black, white, and colour pre wedding video of the couple romanticizing in the best of both worlds, here.


What’s in here?


Multiple locations symbolizing the two eras! For e.g., Dadhikar fort and Neemrana fort!

Fun switch in costumes for the couple, western and traditional!

Let your grandparents reminisce about their olden days!

Let them narrate while you fall more deeply in love!

We often come across couples who are afraid and resistant to shoot their pre wedding shoot because they lack acting skills. But, hey! Let us not make it a barrier on your way to creating an exquisite moment for years to cherish! Here we are, the best candid wedding photographers in Delhi. Ready to hear the rescue plan?


Let us bring in a narrator to dictate your story to the world while you can be yourself, expressing love to each other at numerous locations! The audience hears the voice of the narrator who brings in the tale in a humorous manner.


What’s in here?


A fun way of narrating your love story!

No hesitation and camera consciousness!

Multiple locations and you get to be yourself!

Curious to get a gist of how things will turn out here? Click here!


Time to live that cinema dream!

On a scale of 1 to 10, tell us how much you are obsessed with cinema and then leave it upon us to turn the pre wedding video into an ‘original replica’ of yours!

Imagine recreating your favorite scene from a movie or creating a cinematic replica of your go-to love song! Ah, we can see you smiling from a distance while you are imagining yourself with your other half in the scenario. Let us help you bring your imagination to reality!



What’s in here?


Living the on-screen life!

Recreating the ‘our’ song!

Similar outfit, similar location, similar scene, yay!

Time to showcase love with your flairs!

Want to showcase your love to him/her in your own way, out of the box? Sing, dance, or recite your way out while we shoot all of that being the best pre wedding photographers in Delhi you were looking for!

All of us would agree upon the fact that personalized gestures and efforts add an extra touch to the designated moment. Be it writing and reciting a poem for your loved one, sing a song, or perform some special moves, nothing else can actually compete with the efforts that are prominent in the ultimate product obtained



What’s in here?


Talent representation to bring your loved one closer!

Personalized efforts towards achieving the oh-so-perfect shot!

Dedicate your feelings and love in a way no one else has ever have!


Ah… how much did you love these ideas? The list obviously does not end here, check out our YouTube channel and our website for more ideas! We welcome you to help us implement better.

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