Facebook Live with your Canon DSLR

May 22, 2022

How to be live on Facebook with your Canon DSLR?

Facebook live has emerged to become a popular feature on Facebook . It is a creative method to interact with your friends in the moment, have live conversations with your followers (in case you have a Facebook page) and reach new audiences. You can connect instantly, and express your story using filters. It is a perfect platform to broadcast yourself.


Requirements :

Applications required with their download links for Windows operating system (Canon Cameras) :




Others :






Broadcasting Software :

Open Broadcast Software (OBS): https://obsproject.com/download

Steps to Follow with pictures & screenshots :


  • Connect DSLR to PC with USB cable and turn on DSLR in Video Mode.
  • Open EOS Utility and select Live shooting Option.
  • Go to your Facebook page.
  • Click on Publishing Tools at the top, follow this by clicking on Videos on the left hand side and then on the +Live button. If you don’t see Publishing Tools on Facebook then visit this page and click on the Broadcast on Facebook Live.
  • link:https://iag.me/socialmedia/broadcast-computer-facebook-live/
  • Find the Stream Key and copy it.
  • Open up OBS.
  • Under Sources select the “+” and add Game Capture (Syphon) from the list :

  • Click on Settings.

  • Click on Stream and paste in the stream key.

  • Make sure you have Facebook Live selected as the Service.
  • Click on the video tab and make sure you have the Base (Canvas) Resolution set to 2560×1440, the Output (Scaled) Resolution set to 1920×1080, the Downscale Filter at Bicubic (Sharpened scaling, 16 samples) and the Common FPS Values set to 30.
  • Click OK and then click on the Start Streaming button. You may see some black space around your video so if that is the case you can eliminate it by selecting and dragging the red border around the video to resize it and fill up the entire screen.
  • Go back to your Facebook page and click Next underneath the stream key. At this point Facebook is fetching your live stream so while it is doing that you can fill in a description, title and tags for the Live stream. You are not in the live mode yet, just a preview stage
  • Crank down the volume on your computer’s speakers. If you don’t, then you will get some bad echoing on your live audio feed. And one VERY IMPORTANT thing to note, don’t totally mute the volume. If you do then it will cause the stream to buffer and pause. Just go with one bar of sound.
  • You are now ready to go Live. Just hit the Go Live button on Facebook and enjoy your high quality DSLR video live on Facebook.

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