Best Wedding Studios in Delhi

May 21, 2022


Video production companies have gained popularity in the recent past due to their quality of inculcating creative ideas into their work. A wedding is the most significant and memorable occasion of person’s life. Capturing the event in a perfect manner is not a layman’s job, therefore, people prefer consulting wedding studios, which have experience and a high level aptitude for this work.


Video Tailor

Video Tailor is the first company to launch viral save the date video in India. It has provided the most splendid and resplendent videos to it’s clients. Although, it was started in 2014, it has determined itself to reach to on the top everyone’s list with it’s quality of service and innovative ideas. It is the first company to launch viral save the date video in India. Video Tailor also deals with Marketing videos, Ad films, promotional videos, explainer videos, wedding and pre-wedding shoots, Creative photography and cinematography. It is specialized in wedding photography and videography, pre wedding shoots and Save the Date video.


Banjara Studios

Banjara Studios is a Gurgaon based company which only deals with both wedding and pre-wedding shoots. It follows the tagline ‘More you smile, More you Click’ and keeps up to it in the most upright manner. Ashish Pareek is the man behind the concept of this company and has done a number of wedding shoots along with some candid cinematic films. Although, this company is still establishing itself on a firm ground, it has proved itself to be committed, hardworking and focused in reaching their goals.


Emprise Productions

Emprise Productions is a Delhi based video production company, it has produced the most noteworthy work till date, from producing videos relating to weddings to ad films, it also does pre-wedding shoots and has  a number of attractive packages. It’s a budget friendly company and their videos contain substance, with simple ideas presented in an artistic manner. It believes in building a unique relationship of loyalty and trust with their clients to maintain it’s work and standards.


Filmy Shaadi

Filmy Shaadi is a company run by three sisters Taranum, Pallak, Shefali, who are outstandingly talented and have grabbed a spot on this list. Filmy Shaadi claims itself to ‘create a complete experience across photos and videos creating something unique and special at every event.’ This company is based in Delhi and has attracted people due to it’s quality of inventiveness and reach for perfection in it’s work.



Click Sutra

Click Sutra claims to give the ‘photojournalistic touch to your most precious and treasured moments’. It is based in both Delhi and Goa and does various shoots, including weddings, birthdays, lifestyle and corporate events. It is basically a product of a single man namely Ankit, who came up with the concept behind this agency himself and was started in 2012.

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