Best Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in India

May 13, 2022

Looking for a Pre Wedding shoot Location? Here is the solution:

Getting a pre-wedding shoot demand perfection at every step. From choosing your photographer to the selection of the locations, it requires a careful research. We have come up with the best Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in India. These locations will make your pre-wedding shoot more alluring. Pre wedding shoot location is the most important element of the shoot.


1.Neemrana Fort

Price: The palace charges Up to 45 thousand for permissions for both photography and videography, else around Rs 30,000 for photography permissions so that couple can choose to pay only for the type of shoot package they want to have.

Oomph Factor: Located in Rajasthan, the Neemrana Fort Palace is an absolute delight for a photographer and is sure to be enhancing the bridal glow that you already have on your face. The excitement of just being in this place will come across in the photos very easily and you will have no option but to be enchanted by the high ceilings and beautiful interiors.

Changing Rooms: You can have a shoot in different clothes as it is provided by changing rooms.



The Oberoi Udai Villas is located in Udaipur, Rajasthan is unique among luxury hotels.

Price: They doesn’t give permission separately for pre wedding shoots, their only demand is to book rooms with them and they give some limited permissions to shoot in return to that which costs around almost Rs 1.5 Lacs++ in total.

Oomph Factor: Udaipur Udai villas by the Oberoi Group is considered to be one of the best hotels in the World. There is royalty painted on every single wall in this hotel. The terraces to the olden architecture just help spread the magic of love in the air. For a couple, that knows that class is permanent and cannot be compromised on; Udaipur Udai villas is simply the perfect destination.

Changing Room: You can get a photo shoot in different clothes as you can easily change clothes in the hotel.

PLEASE NOTE:  Now they don’t allow pre wedding shoots in their property. Information last updated on 19 Feb, 2019


3. Beach Locations

Price: Shooting on secluded beach on goa is without any charge while Lalit Goa charges almost Rs 1 Lakh as shooting permissions for pre wedding photography and videography as location permissions. Then there is Andaman Islands offering great scenes on long tail boat and island around Krabi.

Oomph Factor: Also the beaches in kerela preferably the Alleppey which offers houseboat cruises. The couple can Drive into the Pondicherry and hit the Rock Beach just in time as the Sun rises to get the best shot. you can get amazing aerial shots.

Changing Room : You can not change clothes on beaches so it won’t be preferable if you want a shoot in different clothes.


4. Suryagarh Fort

Price : They keep on varying prices, but surely one of the most  premium locations to shoot at. Set in a grand palace with an ornate, sandstone exterior, this palatial hotel is based in Jaisalmer .

Oomph Factor: This place still Preserves the traditions of our past yet frames them in a modern idiom which set perfectly for the background of pre wedding shoot giving it a very royal look. It is also one of the option to shoot but at a huge cost again. Perfect location for vintage shoot.

changing rooms are provided so you can have shoot in different clothes.


5.Samode Bagh Hotel, Jaipur

Price: Price varies according to the package.

Oomph Factor: It has a great package containing the Sambode bagh palace, Haveli and the Safari lodge giving a discreetly splendid look to the pictures. For capturing the love in each other’s eye, couples have to surely pick the Samode Bagh palace . The greatness of this place is that it is an ideal photoshoot destination.

changing rooms are provided so, you can have photo shoot in different clothes.


6. Hauz khas, Delhi

Price: For pre wedding shoots photography is for free and video permissions are not given by the government.

Oomph Factor: With a beautiful fort built inside and a large patch of greenery, hauz khas is a very easily approachable place of pre wedding shoot and stills.

Changing room: Changing rooms are not present.


7. Fairmount, Jaipur

Price: The couple can also choose to shoot at Hotel Fairmont which charges around Rs 1,50,000 for the room and also for some special facilities for the couple to give them a perfect shot for their pre wedding shoot.

Oomph Factor: The scenic beauty of this palace can’t be be described in words. If you are looking for a royal photo shoot then this the place you should visit.

Changing room: changing rooms are provided.


8. Lavasa

Price: Shooting on the streets in Lavasa without any charge.

Oomph Factor : Based on the Italian town Portofino, Lavasa is a privately planned hill city located near Pune. For shooting purpose, It has many landscapes and also boating facility to create a scenic picture. if you want an urban photo shoot then it is a perfect location for you.


It highlights the love and connect of the couple by very easily fitting in the backdrops. Right from the water body to the famous staircase to the long stretch of restaurants, everything about Lavasa spells beauty mixed with a little fun side

Changing Rooms: changing rooms are provided.


9. Leh Ladakh

Price: Zero shooting cost.

Oomph Factor: The spell bounding effect of the Pangong Lake at the Zanskar valley in leh Ladakh is enough to bring magic to the pictures. Every location in Ladakh is picturesque. There are very beautiful locations in Ladakh which will give you an exotic view for photoshoot.

Changing Rooms : Changing rooms won’t be provided.


10. Dadhikar Fort

Price: They charge 35000 for pre wedding shoot.

Oomph Factor:  Very beautiful, quiet  and sincere place located in a small village.  Every location in here is picturesque. This place has a reflection of Indian History and culture, which gives the tone of royalty.

Changing Rooms: Changing rooms are present.


So, best of luck for your pre wedding shoot, hope this information will help you. If you need any recommendations for song selections for your pre wedding shoot, check out this link.

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