Why hire same photographer for pre wedding and wedding shoot?

May 18, 2022

Why hire same photographer for pre wedding and wedding shoot?

Weddings are pricey affairs and it requires tons of planning and coordination. As Weddings are full of unexpected expenses. After you do the marriage budget breakdown, you’ll notice that the foremost big-ticket components of the marriage embrace the food, venue, flowers and photography. Wedding photography services area unit a spirited array lately and you discover some extremely appealing specialties that are high in demand. There’s an art to wedding photography. Most of those area unit out there bundled as a package.


Pre wedding photo shoot is one such specialization within the photography services. It’s one in all the foremost good additions to your wedding album. If you are planning your marriage with proper budget, you should hire the experts and professionals so that they can tell you each and everything about hosting a wedding. People generally hire different photographers for all wedding functions, but wouldn’t it be a nice idea if you hire same photographer for all wedding functions. Of course it is going to help you in different ways. Here I’m enlisting few reasons why you should hire same photographer for Pre Wedding and wedding shoots.

Reasons for hiring same Photographers

Photographers know your story

If you had your Pre wedding photo shoot with a photographer and you are planning to hire the same photographer for wedding shoot, it is the best idea. For the couples who go for different photographers for each function, they should opt for hiring the same photographer for every function. The reason behind this is, that they know your story. If a photographer has already done your pre wedding shoot, he/she is aware about your life and surroundings, hobbies and interests etc.


They even know your choices and  behavior that how you are going to react in front of the camera and when. They know your crazy and fun loving side and they click the pictures accordingly. The photographers know how to encapsulate your wedding story as Happily Ever After….

You are comfortable with them

If you are hiring the same photographer for both the events, wedding and pre wedding shoot, you are likely to get more benefits as compared to ones who don’t hire the same photographers. You and your partner are going to be very comfortable with your photographer as they already know you and your details. If you hire another photographer, you will have to explain them each and everything again and that is a waste of time, so its recommended to hire same photographer for all your wedding functions.


If a person shoots your pre wedding, they are aware of your likes and dislikes as well and the choice of yours and your partner. this helps the photographer to know the couple better and become more like your friend than just being a photographer. They know how to make you and your partner comfortable in front of the camera. All of this makes even the photographer to shoot in a proper manner and this also saves a lots and lots of time.


You can get discounted offers

The best benefit you can get from hiring same photographers from a company is the offers and discounts. You can get the best discounts and rates if you book the same person for the shoots of different functions. Using a similar company for each photography and videography can prevent time within the booking method. Booking with multiple companies will probably double the administration in terms of your photograph. You’ll be able to originated one meeting for each leads, communicate with one set of studio management, sign one set of contracts, and have one wedding photography and videography meeting before the marriage.


They can give precise suggestions

Professional wedding photographers have lots and lots of experience in wedding industry. They know tons of information that can be helpful to organize your wedding a proper way. The photographers can give you the best ideas and suggestions that you would be really thankful for. They are ones who can give you the ideas about everything. In a pre wedding or wedding shoot, experts will tell you the best ways you can get clicked as it is their work.

For every shoot or every single click, they will give their best by clicking the best pictures of yours. Just by giving some cool suggestion like when you can use props, they know the best locations for shoots with the best prices you wish to opt for. You can get the precise suggestions if you are going to hire the same photographers for every other wedding function.


They are aware of your surroundings

The photographers are already aware of your surroundings like the place, the guests, your friends and your family. If you hire the same photographer for every function, they become friends with your guests and know them better. This makes them get pictures in a perfect way without any problem. The guests also don’t hesitate infront of the someone who is clicking them or making their videos. The same photographer knows the details and is aware of the location and the other things. They are the ones who know the perfect timing for clicking best pictures at that place with your guests. So its recommended to hire the photographers for wedding shoot same as Pre wedding photo shoot as it is going to be advantageous to you in many ways.


Makes their portfolio better

This section may not be helpful for the couples but its helpful for the photographers. If you are a photographer with good skills and you get to shoot in every wedding function, like wedding or pre wedding , its perfect for you. As this is going to help you make your portfolio even much better. People are more likely to hire such professional photographers for their wedding photo shoots. If you have a good portfolio, then couples are much likely to hire you as they can see your work and your experience.


So These were few points and reasons for the couples that why should they hire same photographer for both Wedding and pre wedding shoot. All the points mentioned above are helpful if you hire the same photographer for all your wedding functions.

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