Tips to Plan a Destination Wedding

May 28, 2022

Wedding planners can cost a fortune but we do not allow their high-end charges to shatter your destination wedding dreams. Although we would love to make vows in another city, we recommend that you hire a wedding planner if the budget is a hurdle but remember it is possible to take it into your own hands and make your dream come true. Read articles on wedding planner roles and responsibilities and start planning. Of course, this requires extra effort rather than the much-needed ‘wedding accessories’, which can be easily overcome if you follow the tips mentioned in this blog.


However, keep in mind that these tricks are more effective for destination weddings in the country. If you are looking forward to international weddings, you must have some planning skills or you can hire a wedding planner.


Tips to Plan a Destination Wedding

Know your priorities and set the budget

This is the first and most important step, you should have an idea of ​​how much you can afford and what items are most important to you. If you do not want to compromise on photography, you need to fix the extravagant texture. Also know that the bulk of your budget will go to booking venues and guest accommodation.



While you should definitely visit and check out the venue before finalizing, we suggest you visit again 3 months before the wedding to plan the setup with the decorator. Take advantage of this meeting and imagine what ceremony will take place, how the space will be used for decoration, etc. By doing this, you will avoid thinking about all these during the wedding.


Search for Local Vendors

Try to book all your wedding vendors from where you want to marry. Not only will this save you extra cost for your travel and accommodation, you will also be able to coordinate better with them. If you can’t find good local vendors, look for vendors who travel at their own expense. You can hire the best wedding vendors in Shadisaga within your budget in most Indian cities; Living comfortably in your own home.


Shorten your guest list

Planning a destination wedding with a small guest list is a practicable task. But if you want to host a huge crowd, it is a good idea to hire a wedding planner.


Stay & Events at the same venue

Do this to prevent people from moving from one place to another. Also, you are likely to get more discounts if you book a place for your wedding events along with accommodation.


Invest in a wedding planning calendar.

Organize it and follow it religiously. When you know you are planning everything yourself, it is important to write everything down. From guest list, seller payment status, payment contact details and travel booking. Write every DAMN thing. You can buy a wedding planner diary or create an excel sheet in google drive, you can also easily update your phone. Always keep your wedding stationery handy.


Assign small tasks to friends and family

Being a bride, you already have a lot going on. So it’s a good idea to entrust your friends or family with small tasks that require detailed attention. This includes distributing welcome kits to guests and purchasing wedding gifts and presents. Also, delegate these tasks for a specific period of time so that they take it seriously.


Create a wedding website to provide multiple benefits

Trust me, building a wedding website will make a lot of things easier for you. Specify on the website including local maps, airport details from the weather forecast and any other information your guests may want to know.


Choose minimal decor.

Choose minimalist decor or go with resource decor elements like fantastic lights, colorful curtains, fun signs and other easy-to-do items. Choose a naturally beautiful space with greenery and a natural background, so the need for decorations and curtains is minimal. Another idea is to organize daytime events outdoors and nighttime events indoors.


Ask for wholesale discounts

Utilize your negotiation skills to get the best discounts and offers. Some places offer freebies like free laundry service, which also saves a lot of money.


Manage the facilities of your guests

Your wedding guests should be comfortable at your destination wedding, whether wheelchairs are arranged for the elderly or make sure there is enough room.


Use reliable courier services to travel in ‘extra luggage’

Now, this is not a predictable situation, but you should be aware of it. The planes will charge you a bomb for extra luggage, so it is a good idea to deliver extra luggage to the venue by courier. This can be a risky choice, but if you have had a reliable courier facility for centuries, use it.


Allocate rooms in advance to avoid confusion

Offer the rooms before guests arrive to avoid last minute confusion like ‘I want that room’, ‘why their room is more luxurious’. You definitely don’t want to do this!


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