Ravishing Pre Wedding Shoot Locations In Mauritius

May 20, 2022

Pre Wedding Shoot Locations In Mauritius

Mauritius, has been the land of beauty and officially as the Republic of Mauritius. It is an island nation located off the southeast coast of the African continent in the Indian Ocean. It basically covers all the various locations that can be the best Pre Wedding Shoot Locations In Mauritius . Pre Wedding Shoot Locations In Mauritius feels like the heaven landed on the earth and the couples can feel the aroma of love in the air. The land  is situated 2400 kilometers off the South East Coast of Africa. It covers an area of 1,865 square. It is a the land of beaches with Lagoons and Coral Reefs around its circumference. Mauritius covers the l/b ratio of 65:45. The population is near about 1.2 million which is quite dense.


What Mauritius is famous for?

Mauritius is basically famous for the greenery and the natural flora and fauna that surrounds all over the island. It is an island so it has the best natural beauty and the one can capture the never dying moments in memory of the mind. It also includes the best beauty of beach sides Pre wedding shoot in Mauritius leads to the one of the best experience of the couples life as they are going to begin the journey of love and understanding all throughout their lives

Top Pre Wedding Shoot Locations In Mauritius

1. Port Louis

This is the capital of the Mauritius which has the various past histories in itself . This has the various advantages of the various river fronts which has the proper Pre Wedding Shoot Locations In Mauritius .Gazing all over the various markets and beautiful river front makes it worth to be the one of the best Pre Wedding Shoot Locations In Mauritius . Couple can hung each other to various handi crafts markets with the various accessories and enjoying the various views that can be worth living.

2. Grand-Baie

What a better for pre wedding shoot to be near the shore surrounded by the greenery and the various vast and the endless sea shore . Grand-Baie bring along the best Pre wedding shoot locations to do in the Mauritius . One can promise the other to be with each other till the depth of their love as deep as ocean.This also leads to the great wedding shoot in the funky beach dresses all over the day and can be most funny and memorable wedding shoot.

3. Chamarel

This is a village located in the Mauritius. It does not give any proper scenic beauty like the traditional village . As it situated in the island so it gazes the beauty of the Seven Coloured Earths., the Chamarel Falls, Ebony Forest Chamarel and the Black River Gorges National Park .

This area is also known for its locally grown coffee . This really adds the charm to the pre wedding shoot in Mauritius . This is really famous for the various waterfalls that covers the best location for the pre wedding shoot in the Mauritius. As waterfalls have always been the symbol of never ending and flowing love.

4. Black River Gorges National Park

This is really the one the most loved Pre Wedding Shoot Locations In Mauritius. As it has the various mountains ranges and isolated locations., that are really beautiful Pre Wedding Shoot Locations In Mauritius . The national parks are always the best place to explore a lot about the nature., and it really gives the feel of adventure and Pre wedding shoot at the same time.

5. Curepipe

Deep valleys and the natural waterfalls., mountains are itself the best view that couple can imagine holding each others hand .

This place is really famous for the best shoots .As it gathers all the best possible natural location . Love couples always admire the places that are quiet and unexplored., this is the right combination for a couple to get a proper time and the love attractions under the lap of nature.

6. Grand-Gaube

This is the location famous for the best sea ports., The various beautiful churches that can be the best place to get the proper shoot .

Beautiful ports and the felt of ships can be the best background for anyone to get best picture . Various ships deck and the endless ocean just after that is the one that has been imagined all over the childhood .

Holding into each other arms can be the best thing that one can get here.

7. Trou d'Eau Douce

Beaches that contains the various endorsing beauty of the various marine lakes and the love starts right there .

This has really feel of each other love and knowing each the into the each other . This has attracted a lot of tourist all over the places and the best thing that is the most exciting lovely lake side that enhances the mood and gets the best shoot out of this.

So these were some exotic Pre Wedding Shoot Locations In Mauritius . It is a beautiful destination for the pre wedding photo shoot as it has some really good points of attractions where you can have your pre wedding shoot .

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