Pre-Wedding Photography In Kausani

May 24, 2022


Pre-wedding photography in Kausani is the best thing that is very much apt for the couples as it is fully covered with dark green Mountains, forests, lakes and also its main attraction is the view of this village. It is a Hill Station located in Uttarakhand, India, basically a village in Uttarakhand and it is known as the Switzerland of India. This name was kept by Mahatma Gandhi because when he visited this place he was mesmerized by the beautiful landscape scenery of this village and he found this place similar to that of Switzerland. The nearest airport to Kausani is the Pantnagar airport which is situated 162  km away from this city.

The background nature of this place is a peaceful and calm environment which will be a great fact for photography because then there will be no disturbance. This place will look more panoramic at the sunrise and sunset and that’s the best time for a photo shoot. Another main attraction of this hill station is that it has a very clear and mesmerizing view of the Himalayan peaks, which includes Trishul, Nanda Devi, and Panchachuli peaks. These Himalayan peaks look more eye capturing in the sunsets because it may be an orangish view of the peaks, which looks more photogenic. These all facts make this hill station a good place for couples, especially for a pre-wedding photography in Kausani.


Let’s have a look at some of the pre-wedding photo shoot locations in Kausani which are very much suitable and breathtaking for a pre-wedding photoshoot.


Venues In Kausani For A Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

  1. Rudradhari Falls

It is considered to be at the top for a pre-wedding photography in Kausani among all destinations to visit. This spot is situated 12km away from the main city. This place has many waterfalls and caves that is why it becomes the best spot destination for a photo shoot, especially for couples.

The couples are allowed to enter the historical and ancient caves which makes a good scenario for the photoshoot. The location of this place is covered with full of paddy fields and pine forests. These aspects make this place a photogenic and mysterious place for all the people who visit here.


Nearest airport and railway station: Pantnagar airport and Kathgodam railway station

Location: 174.6 km away from the airport and 142 km away from the railway station

How to reach here: hiring a taxi from the airport and after a trekking of 2km or by hiring a taxi from the railway station and after a trekking of 2km. The nearest of these two is the railway station.

Best time to visit: May- September, and December-January


  1. Pinnath

Pinnath comes among the top 3 venues in Kausani for the best photoshoot. It is located just 5 km away from the main city. The weather conditions and the environmental condition is clean and clear in this spot.


Mostly couples visit this place in the morning because they are aware of this destination’s surroundings and landscape, which is very much suitable for a photo session. This is a free place where the photoshoot can be done easily without any public disturbance.


Best time to visit: March-May and Sept-October

Nearest airport and railway station: Kathgodam railway station and Pantnagar airport

How to reach here:  just 5km away from the main city, Kausani

Note: as it is located on the hilltop so it’s suggested that people having breathing problems may have precautions on that.


  1. Kausani Tea Estate

When we talk about a tea estate the first thing that comes to our mind is a green scenery background looking very colorful. The Kausani tea estate is full of a green landscape making it a good backdrop for a professional pre-wedding photoshoot.


The people who are visiting here to enjoy the beauty of this greenery are obviously making it memorable by a good photoshoot with their partner or family and by enjoying the weather conditions of this tea estate. With its good landscape and eye capturing view it becomes a photogenic place for the lovers. The people visiting this place can have a calm and peaceful environment.


Best time to visit: any time during the day.

Nearest airport and railway station: Kathgodam railway station and Pantnagar airport.

How to reach: this tea estate is in the main city of Kausani itself.


  1. Gwaldam, Kausani

Gwaldam is a small town in the hill station, located on the border of the Garhwal and Kumaon hills. It is being based 38 km away from the main city. This little town is in the middle of the green jungles and the beautiful apple orchards which makes it unique among the venues for the pre-wedding photography in Kausani.

This is the place in Kausani where we are able to get the glimpse of the fascinating Himalayan peaks, Trishul, Nanda Devi and Panchachuli peaks. This aspect becomes the main attraction in this spot for an amazing photoshoot for couples. This spot is located 1700m above from the sea level and have an amazing eye capturing view up there.


Best time to visit: month of October and November

Location: 38km away from Kausani

Nearest airport and railway station: Pantnagar airport and Kathgodam railway station.

Note: it is located in a high altitude so people having breathing problems are advised to take precaution before visiting here.


  1. Someshwar

The background of Someshwar will have a wide range of photography for the couples. Couples visiting will have a perfect backdrop for their pre-wedding photography in Kausani.

This spot is mainly a village which is on the way towards the Kumaon hills and it is somewhat located 11km away from the main town of the hill station which makes it easy for the visitors to visit. This place is a spell bounded village which is just famous for its temple and the landscape background.


The best time to visit: during the day.

Nearest airport and railway station: Kathgodam railway station and Pantnagar airport.

Location: around 11-10 km away from the main city of Kausani.

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