Famous poses from Celebrity’s Wedding that you must re-create during your Wedding Photoshoot

January 1, 2024
best poses for Wedding photoshoot
best poses from celebrity wedding

Celebrities create trends for fashion. With millions of fans following and admirers of their work, their occasion becomes the talk of the town as they are covered by papz and they are everywhere on social media as well.  


The matrimonial affair of these influencers is the most conversed of all, right from the wedding venue to the make-up and accessories, everything becomes an instant hit as soon as they are touched by them. 

Celebrity wedding photos are the most circulated on social media platforms which creates a magnificent effect on the viewers and poses cast by some of them are simple yet classy which you could also re-create for your wedding affair. 

  1. RANVEER KAPOOR AND ALIA BHATTThe photos of the couple were like a fairytale and were filled with candids and a lot of grins. They surely made the photos glam up a little by casting pure smiles and flaunting their relationships on the lens. 
    A simple rule book to go by, smile and be relaxed throughout while you pose together and everything will be easy for the lens to capture your stills. 
best poses from celebrity wedding

Image source: Karnataka open university                      



This fun-loving pose during the VIKAT wedding made the glaciers melt instantly. This is a minimalist pose you should definitely opt for if you are willing to make go images look more than just a wedding. 


best poses from celebrity wedding

 This is another popular still from the actors’ wedding which is a piece of cake to recreate for your wedding. 



Forever a gossip in the Indian and international tabloids, The Nikyanka wedding certainly raised the marriage standards to the next level. Where the couple had both Hindu and Christian weddings, some images of the couple did give some major goals to re-create 


The unexpected destination wedding that took everyone by surprise was the captain and the actor’s news of getting into a matrimonial relationship. The poses struck by the couple in the pictures are purely candid and still adorned to date. 


The stills are again nothing complicated and easy to recreate for your big day. 


The reel-life Sher Shah couple surely showed unique poses to be casted for their wedding ceremony. The cultural namaste pose made the netizens aww and appreciate the way of expressing their respect for each other. The couple also made sure to capture their liveliness exhibiting their happy dance to showcase how much they are excited to start their new journey with each other.

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