About the Video


Apart from cameras there are many other things to be kept in mind to give a complete touch and a professional touch to a video song. This list includes following


Lighting is the final ingredient, and is essential for every video song. It’s the most  vital ingredient from point of view of giving a final touch to the video song . – it gives its video song it’s look as well as feel,  and becomes  more essential than camera or lenses. It hardly makes any difference to type of  camera and lenses one owns – if you haven’t opted for a specific lighting suitable for the shot then  the result won’t be desirable In general terms, there are daylight balanced lights and tungsten lights –hence a shoot location dictates the type lighting is required to be used for the same, as  this decides the basic lighting decision to be used.


Crew requirements though differ from project to project , but in the general sense remains more of less same for every project

 Director of Photography (DOP) –He is the key person to execute and bring out creative skills involved in video making , a DOP must have technical knowledge about cameras, lenses and lighting kit  as they are the mandatory asset to the production
–    First Camera Assistant –He is there to assist DOP with camera management, lens and  last but not the least battery changes,
–    Gaffer (lighting) –he works with DOP on the lighting equipment, to make sure that the perfect set up is obtained
–    Lighting Assistant –   He is there to support the gaffer with lighting equipment

Background dancers-  They are there to add another flavor to the music video , and to support the main performer in the video


The various props used while a video song are definitely a vital ingredient for a video song . As they add life to the video song and hence is a helping hand to explain the story or scene filmed in the video.

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