Dates have always had their own reckoning in the history. From the earlier centuries to the present date, every day in history has been recorded for its own specialty. We, at Video Tailor, are happy to serve you with save the date concept. Where in we will provide you with Free Save the Date Image. So that you can share it with your loved ones and never let them miss the moment with these Free Save the Date Images by Video Tailor.

We cherish and love all the relations and motivate to create these images to strengthen the bonds between you and your loved ones.

We’ll try to deliver your save the date image in 24 hours but it can take upto 3 days depending on the number of submissions and working days.

VTSTD 01 ↓

beautiful save the date image

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beautiful save the date invite image

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Card Designs

VTSTD 04 ↓

Save the date 2

VTSTD 05 ↓

wedding Card Designs

VTSTD 06 ↓

Save the Date-06

VTSTD 07 ↓


VTSTD 08 ↓

save the date

VTSTD 09 ↓

save the date

VTSTD 10 ↓

save the date sample

VTSTD 11 ↓

Save the date1

VTSTD 12 ↓

Indian Animated Wedding Invitation Video

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VTSTD 13 save the date images

VTSTD 14 ↓


VTSTD 15 ↓

animated save the date

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VTSTD 17 ↓

VTSTD 18 ↓

VTSTD 19 ↓


VTSTD 20 ↓

save the date

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best save the date best save the date image

VTSTD 119 ↓


VTSTD 120 ↓


VTSTD 121 ↓


VTSTD 122 ↓

save the date invitation

VTSTD 123 ↓


VTSTD 124 ↓

simple-hand-drawn-wedding-invitation card

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VTSTD 126 ↓

elegant wedding card by video tailor

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VTSTD 128 ↓


VTSTD 129 ↓

ecard wedding invitation

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VTSTD 131 ↓


VTSTD 132 ↓

elegant floral invitation card

VTSTD 133 ↓

royal save the date card

VTSTD 134 ↓

beautiful wedding invitation

VTSTD 135 ↓


VTSTD 136 ↓

online digital ecard for weddings

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VTSTD 138 ↓

whatsapp save the date ecard

VTSTD 139 ↓

save the date template by video tailor

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watercolour-wedding-invitation card

VTSTD 141 ↓


VTSTD 142 ↓

wedding card invites

VTSTD 143 ↓

Wedding eve save the date image

VTSTD 144 ↓

godh tika ceremony save the date

VTSTD 145 ↓

royal save the date for wedding

VTSTD 146 ↓

ghurchadi save the date

VTSTD 147 ↓

wedding eve save the date

VTSTD 148 ↓

haldi event invitation card

VTSTD 149 ↓

haldi invitation card

VTSTD 150 ↓

bhaat and mehendi save the date

VTSTD 151 ↓

event invitation image

VTSTD 152 ↓

Flora wedding invitation card mockup

VTSTD 153 ↓

bhaat save the date invite

VTSTD 154 ↓


VTSTD 155 ↓

save the date calender theme

Every day, a new relation is formed. These relations should be cherished and kept close to one’s heart. This is what makes it a relationship. These relationships stay with you through thin and thick.

These Free Save the Date Images will let you get closer with your relatives and spread and share your happiness with them.

Our team of experts understand what you want and how you want and give their best to provide you with that because spreading happiness is what makes the world a better place to live and who are we to decline that. We will give our best to make your special day more special and memorable with these Free Save the Date Images.