Not getting time to visit your family and friends to invite them on your wedding and looking for a easier way to invite them over Whatsapp. Well, you are at the right place. Our gallery has some creative and low cost wedding invites starting from just Rs 1500. We offer a wide variety of unique , royal, animated and some featured wedding invitations with a delivery time of 1-2 days only.

Our wedding invite videos starts from Rs.1500 and is not much if you want to make your wedding invitation different and popular. You can share it with everyone you want to. You can share it on social networking sites. This saves your printing and conveyance cost. You will also be able to spend more time with your would-be- partner. Because you don’t have to go to every relative’s or friend’s house to invite them to your wedding. Your one share will do your job, so save your time. Remember, Time is money!

A Wedding Video invite is a new unique way to invite your guests by saving tons of time, energy and money as we have a wide range of low cost wedding invites. We live in a technologically driven world, so why not take complete advantage of it! For us low prices do not mean a compromised video. We will give you the best as per your budget as we believe in quality. We will try to encompass your idea, your culture in your budget only. So, money is not a problem anymore. You can fulfil your dream of having a different and digital wedding invite at a low cost also.

Watch our video invitation templates to see the excellent services we provide at low cost. We also make videos as per your requirement also. So, you have an option of choosing a template from the ones we have uploaded on our site or you can give us your idea also.

Video Tailor Information on Wedding Invitations

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With concept behind the line itself ‘Save the Date’ templates and videos are in great demand in today’s era. Due to the evolution in modern technology, animation videos are in call as they add humor as well as substance along with it’s quality of retaining the simplicity factor.Animated videos have come into fashion due to it’s character of being cheap and less time-consuming.

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Video Wedding Invitations Trend:- You only get married once, which makes every task even more important and creates a necessity for everything to not be just perfect, but to be unique so that it leaves a bright impression of everyone. 

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Best Wedding Video Invitation Maker : A wedding is a serious business, and not to mention a once in a lifetime event, which is why it is extremely important that everything related to it be perfect. The first impression that is created of a wedding that is yet to be is its Wedding Invitation.