Hey all!

Would you like get leads through cross business referrals with mutual benefits?
Yes, of course right!

So, we are a video production company, and you are a make up artist. This is for our tie up where in we would be sharing leads and work with each other. Kindly go through the details below.

It’s surely of your benefit! Also, have a look at the kind of video that you will get free of cost form us.

So, what are we pitching to you and why?

We are a one stop solution to photography & videography; be it weddings or small or large scale ad films or marketing videos. And we are doing a lots of weddings this season. But we want to do more! We have a capacity & resources of doing 20 weddings on a single day. So, we are reaching out to you for a tie up with us.

What is this tie up and how can we mutually be benefitted from each other?

  • By sharing discount coupons and giving referrals to each other’s clients.
    So, we will share with you a 50% discount coupon of pre wedding, and a free miniature shoot on wedding book, which you can share with you booked brides. Similarly, you can share your any percentage discount coupon to us, and we can share the same to our booked brides.
  • And not just that, Our hydra team will give you a cash back of 1% on every booked couple referred by you.
  • And the real additional benefit that you will get is, as when we book two couples referred by you, we will do an Ultra HD Shoot based Marketing Video of your work and premises, worth Rs 40,000 and we will feature it on our instagram with 40,000 followers and you can use it too for your marketing!
  • Woho! As the bride was already your client, and because of your reference, we would be covering her functions, and our team will already be shooting her makeup on the wedding day, we will give you her “Before and After” Video as well as “Pictures” for your own internal promotions, that too within 1 week of the shoot.
  • And we will tag you as a make up artist in the bride’s pictures that we will share on our social media.

So, the list of benefits is endless! And the benefit is mutual. Let us know if that sounds cool to you. If it soes or id it does not, do share your feedback to us. That will be great. Thanks in advance. We will you best for your work and life.

Who are we?

We are a Video Production Company with our Head Office in D Mall, NSP, Pitampura. We are a 4 years old company, featured in hand picked of wedmegood, with 40,000 followers on instagram, with lakhs of views on youtube, 30,000 followers on facebook, and our founder is a film maker from India’s most premier institue FTII Pune, and also a TEDx speaker on international platform in Europe. Google “Video Tailor” and you will have your answers!