Let’s reach to the perfect deliverables together

To create a smooth flow of work, with your complete satisfaction, these are few points that would help us deliver the promised work with complete satisfaction, without any difference in communication. Hence, it is shared at the time of quotation as well as at the time of booking. You are requested to convey us for any changes before finalization.

Let’s hit a Goal!

The industry standard to complete a wedding project is as bad as 1 year. But We at Video Tailor, wish to complete the wedding project in 45 days and pre wedding project in 15 days after the shoot. This is only possible when we work super hard to deliver your deliverables on time and we assure you, our team would be on their toes to do that. But yes we do need your proactive inputs too to reach the final deliverables. For eg: Confirmation on our recommended songs before editing, photo selection for album and feedback on deliverables for any changes required. Let’s be on board on this journey together and we wish to give you a great experience.

Things you need to know at the time of booking us

  1. All the requirements by you should be finalized in the booking sheet, and any verbal commitment by the Team should also be added in the booking sheet definitely as notes in the booking.
  2. If you are paying a token amount, at the time of booking, then the balance amount of 50% needs to be paid before 1 month of the first day of the shoot (be it pre wedding or wedding). This advance is non-refundable because when we commit dates to you, we turn away other enquiries and loose potential business.
  3. Freebies in the package e.g. Wedding invitation video, save the date images will be provided after receipt of the 50% advance amount or minimum after receipt of 25% of the total amount (not token amount of 10%).
  4. The prices shared are per function wise. Shooting two functions on the same day will cost separately. In destination weddings, we charge per day, which includes shooting multiple functions in a day.
  5. For only wedding booking without morning function inclusive, for the bride side it starts from the makeup and for the groom side it will start from sehrabandi (not before 3 pm for night weddings). For any other function before that, like haldi chuda etc, a separate small event booking needs to be made.
  6. For weddings, the services are till the Vidaayi from the venue itself (in a stretch), and not from the third location like home. Separate charges will be there to shoot the function after vidaayi.
  7. Timings for all the events need to be confirmed to us at least 10 days prior as our schedule is prepared many days before the shoot. Last minute time changes are difficult to accommodate.
  8. We would also require alternate contact details of a person who can coordinate with the team during the shoot.
  9. Travelling and food for outside delhi shoots will be borne by the client. And for within Delhi NCR shoots, food needs to be provided by the client, preferably in the guest areas itself and not separately. Travel via flights to be provided for locations beyond 400 kms.
  10. Pre Wedding : Duration of the shoot is of 8 hours (at a stretch). Travel time before & after the shoot is not included in this, but in between travel/food time is included. If at any event, our team does not reach at the given time by you, a proportional amount will be refunded from your booking amount.

Important: We have an updated variety of Save the date, countdown image and wedding invitations videos on the website. They need to be chosen from the wide variety of samples available on our website only. We take 2-3 working days to deliver the above. Extended delivery timeline and charges would levy for customized new designs. Because any new design requires a lot of back and forth to reach to the final desired shape and are brainstormed, conceptualized and designed by our creative team in the non wedding season.

Our Flow of work After the shoot:

Photo Delivery:

  • For your ease, all the photos will be delivered through our online portal in around 10 days after the shoot (laptop/ipad/phone friendly). Our team will select some 100-150 images for editing and will also deliver the same with the complete raw data through the same link.
  • For Images editing, we do color correction, face enhancement, lens flare and few add ons. But changing the complete background, or removing specific people from the image would be done for the few requested possible images.
  • Images will be delivered with a watermark. Once the payment for images (30%) will be cleared, a pin number will be provided using which images can be downloaded without watermark.

Video Delivery:

  • Teaser video will be delivered online via a review link on which you can easily give your feedback in around 45 days after the shoot in case of weddings and 15 days in case of pre weddings.
  • We will share the songs recommended by us for your video. If you want us to edit on the songs different from what is recommended, you would be requested to convey us the same, via the form that will be provided to you before the editing. We do maximum two rounds of changes. You are requested to submit your changes properly in each round. Change of hair colour, background, clothes etc is not possible in video.
  • The video timeline is dependent on the receipt of song confirmation. If your album selections, and song selections were on time, your video editing will be given preference. But delay in the steps before, can also delay the video edits.
  • Longer videos are delivered online via a download link after the receipt of video payment. Be assured that any changes (max two rounds) required in the videos will be done, but the changes need to be communicated with in 1 month of the delivery of videos. If you wish to keep the raw data too, you are also requested to take the raw data within this period from us.

Album Delivery:

  • Once the raw data of photos and videos is delivered to you, you are requested to give us the selection of images for the album through the raw data provided by you within 10 days after the delivery of photos so that we can prepare both videos and albums parallely.
  • We take around 12 days to deliver the album once the design is approved and we do two round of changes in the album design.
  • 50% Payment of albums need to be made before giving the album for printing. If you choose to cancel the albums and take the complete raw data or if the album selection is not received as late as 60 days after the delivery of photos, albums will be cancelled against 50% of albums payment.

We have the right to publish and communicate the Deliverables in our portfolio and marketing materials for promotional and demonstrative purposes. “Written and Produced by Video Tailor ”, together with a copy of our current logo. You agree that you will not attribute any third party as author of the Final Deliverables.


video tailor call support team

1. Online & Phone Support

Our team will answer all your queries and will provide quotations and portfolio over phone and email. Feel free to ask all your questions regarding the team size required, deliverables, timelines from the team. Our support team is available at support@videotailor.com or leave a call back request on the website or call at +91-9999180725, +919582524870, +919999772608 for wedding & pre wedding queries.

Meeting with Video Tailor Team

2. Meeting at your Home/our Office

One of our Photographer or Creative Director will meet you at your location or at our office as per your convenience. You can schedule the meeting with our team at either location from here.

3. Booking is held on the receipt of token amount

We are almost always booked out a long time before the shoot dates. If your wedding is far off, you can hold our dates with the token amount of 10% of the complete project amount. This will lock the amount as well as dates for the couple.


Booking Confirmation

1. Booking Confirmation:

Booking is Confirmed on 50% of payment with complete venue and time details from your end.


100% off discount coupon by Video Tailor

2. 100% Discount Coupon

100% Discount coupon for one wedding invitation video and 5 images from the website

Video Tailor Shoot Manager

3. Shoot Manager

At the time of shoot: Shoot Manager will manage the wedding shoot. He/she will take interviews as well as will co ordinate between the team and the couple.


Photo Delivery by Video Tailor

1. Photo Delivery

Within 15 days of the shoot, photos will be delivered to you online through our client portal url, which can be shared with your friends and family.

A pin number will be provided to you to download the images after 30% of the payment will be released.

Video Teaser delivery by Video Tailor

2. Video Teaser Delivery through online review link

We try our best to deliver the videos within 60 days of the shoot. But as we need to blend the right emotion in the teaser video, and analyze and view the complete video data before finalizing the teaser, we take our creative time before we deliver you our best version of the teaser.

Also, first we would share the download link for the teaser and after 2-3 days, we will share the online review link for the teaser for you to mark your edits in that. We dont share the direct review link, as we believe viewing the teaser for the first time should be seamless, and online buffer can reduce the appeal of it.

Album Delivery by Video Tailor

3. Album Delivery

You are required to share your selection for the album from the photo online url that we share with you within 15 days of the shoot. We recommend and request you to make album selection while we are working on your tease so that we can deliver the Album with your videos.