Wedding Album
Paper Quality in Albums


We know that you spend a lot on your wedding photography and trust me, TURNING THOSE PHOTOS INTO PROFESSIONALISED WEDDING ALBUM IS AN EXPENSE YOU WON’T REGRET MAKING. 

Once the wedding day is over or after 10, 20, 30 years of your wedding day none of the outfits, venue, professional wedding photographer, wedding band, wedding  invitations, flowers, dance reharsals will be fresh in your minds but when you will flip through these wedding albums you will surely be drove back into the moments. 

People these days are more in support of keeping everything digital which is fine, but having your Childrens and grandchildren sitting around you with your wedding albums in their hands and looking at your young version will be priceless. If you are already investing in your photographer then you should not cut down the investment in getting an indian wedding album designed.

A wedding album is important, it is a visual summary of your wedding day. 

The video tailor team believes in providing the best and selected trendy products and outputs to its clients. Marriage is  something that has the most important role to play in someone’s life, hence one deserves the best experience of it and the best way to treasure those experiences.

We offer you different ways in which one can customize to one’s style that digital photos don’t offer. After searching a lot we ended up finalising the best album sheet options for you to keep your memories safe by designing them using the best quality papers. 

  2. SATIN

To give a brief idea about the qualities the papers acquire read the below mentioned points:


UV Premium paper has a slight gloss and shine if you see it but on the touch it feels matte and are Rigid Thick Unbending Pages. UV Premium papers becoming trendy as they are  good in both bulk and opacity, The papers which occupy the same amount of thickness as glossy paper acquires. The glossy paper is also advantageous as the coating reduces the absorption of ink and that’s how they make the color definition of the paper better too. Glossy papers are becoming popular for luxurious printing. They enhance the appearance of the photographs giving them a shiny look. They are finger print proof And has a good life. 

  • This paper type is the best as it is foldable and Non-tearable. 
  •  It has great color reproduction quality that does justice to your Photos.

                                               An A+ pick for your wedding albums.


This paper type is more sheen in looks that too without having mirror-like-shine of gloss. 

Satin paper has a high surface shine and very smooth finish. Printed color ‘pops up’ and appears extra vibrant, bringing images to life. The paper has long life and color keeping quality. 

Imagine something that falls between the matte and glossy paper texture. The paper have a texture that is slightly Glossy and but also matte. It gives you the benefits of fine definition of the photograph, it enhances the color and the details as well and the texture provides you a glare free product and also it does not have fingerprints problems as well. It is a good choice for photographs chosen by the photographers also for the purposes like wedding shoots photographs because it provides a perfect balance between matte and glossy paper.


Silk smooth provides a lot of shine which gives higher and richer color contrasts and color gamut.

Silk coated paper gives luxurious feel. It offers excellent ink to paper contrast, and printed colours appear brighter and sharply defined. 

The overall look of this paper is more low-key than gloss coated paper.

Great for full cover images as this sheet allow the colors to pop and gives finest finishing to the photos. 

To add some premium quality to your photographs make them look classy and to give them a rich look, you should go with the silk smooth type paper. Also the ones who are looking for a smooth matte surface output, the right choice is silk smooth paper. It is a soft texture which provides a heavy weight that helps for the long durability of your photographs.


Crysta is an uncoated printing material made up of matte but a little glittery layer. 

This has a low surface shine and a very good readable finish with More Vivid Color Reproduction and Improved Highlight Details.

If you want to prevent your photographs to stay away from bending and getting wrinkled or if you want to frame them you should go with crysta paper as it the most inexpensive paper with the good quality. It is best prescribed for you when you want the print to be held at the points or the photo corners. It’s the new way of getting your pictures worked.


Check out these tips to consider for photo selection while finalizing your wedding album: