Ward’s Lake


Ward’s lake is one of the famous attractions of Shillong; the capital of one of the northeast state of Meghalaya. This lake is in flawless and unspoilt condition, which makes it even more beautiful to see. The lake lies in the middle of city and surrounded by a garden area. The lake is shaped like a horse-shoe and the colourful flora around it just give it a stunning look.

The place is not just for the visitors but it also famous among the locals. Many couples also visit it for their honeymoon which shows how couple friendly the lake site is.  There is also a restaurant in the lake’s area which serves various refreshments and yummy food. There is a botanical garden near the lake as well having the orchids, soothing to the sight of the couple.



1. Surroundings

Ward’s lake is an artificial lake which is situated in mid of Shillong making it near to all the facilities like markets and restaurants. Also the lake is surrounded by the gardens that are floral providing the peaceful and heart warming location to visit and having a pre wedding shoot there. The surrounding also include the botanical garden and many other site seeing which makes the pre wedding shoot outing a little trip for the couple before getting married.

2. Restaurants

The Ward’s lake also include an restaurant that falls into the lake location offering many delicious and refreshing good items. So that you don’t have to take a long break in mid of the pre wedding photography and go outside if you felt hungry. The restaurant is quite good and conveniently saves your time from getting wasted searching the tight place for meals.

3. Natural Backgrounds

Though the lake is artificial, it is still beautiful. The clear water of the lake and it’s horse-shoe shape make a good pre wedding background for the photo shoot and not just the lake but the surrounding floral gardens provide a colourful background and makes the pre wedding photography come alive. The natural background may not look modern but they always put a calmness and beauty like no other backdrop can bring in.

4. Styles in Dressing

The lake is a tourist place and also has many beautiful backgrounds for the shoot. It makes the range wider for the outfits from which the couple can choose a style that they believe suits them the best while complementing the backgrounds as well. The flexibility in this decision of choosing what to wear also gives some confidence in the partners and let them comfortably shoot in their attire without much to do.

5. Strengthens the Bond

This little trip in the northeastern hills, which takes long time to travel gives the couple a chance to know each other better and strengthens their bond. It is also helpful in knowing the camera person and becoming comfortable with each other. So that many of the comfort issues can be checked and resolved before the shoot. It also saves the time of pre wedding shoot.



1. Far away location

Meghalaya is situated far from the capital Delhi in the north east of India. It takes many hours to travel and the journey can be so tiring. The time management is a must in these far away planned pre wedding shoots and the weather conditions have to be well known and studied. Because later they can cause great troubles.

2. No Changing Room

The public places often lack the availability of the changing rooms and in the hills it is even more difficult. The changing room facilitates the change in dresses but the Ward’s Lake does not offer this benefit. The couple has to decide a single outfit for their pre wedding shoot and they has to be careful regarding the backgrounds and what style of outfit will suits it the best.

3. Permission Required

Ward’s Lake though does not acquire any big fare for the visitors but it has additional charges for the camera and equipment. Also the permissions are required for a full fledged shoot and videos to be shot at the Ward’s Lake. This makes it a little hasty situation for the couple as they have to plan their pre wedding shoot location after booking or asking the permission from the officials.

4. Privacy Issues

As mentioned earlier as well, the Ward’s Lake is not only a famous place among the tourists but it is also popular among the locals as a picnic site. The low fare at the Ward’s Lake makes it easier to attain by almost everyone and can lead to place with a lots of people making it an uncomfortable place for the couples. The shy couple may not even to pose in the presence of so many persons at the same time.



he Meghalaya means “the abode of the clouds”, showing how beautiful a place it is. Also the artificial lake that is more than a hundred years old and still is pristine makes the place comes into an above average place that is also beautiful for the pre wedding shoot location.


The Video Tailor team suggests you to choose a time which is most suitable according to the weather and check for the permissions before finalising the place. It will save you a lot of time and money. Also check to the opening and closing timing in the essentials part once again so to manage your time and stay in Meghalaya accordingly.

 Taking all the positive points and the negative points we rate the Ward’s Lake 4.0 out of 5.0.

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