Tikli Bottom


What does the word Haveli brings in your mind? Some old, Rajasthani mansion with creaking walls and a big verandah? Tikli Bottom is a Haveli that breaks the stereotypical Haveli that we’ve had in our minds for centuries. It is a modern Lutyens style four bedroom Indian haveli that is run by a British Couple as a guest house.

The Haveli offers you green, luscious gardens and courtyard which gives you shade from the scorching sun. With a swimming pool that can be used to wash away the grime of the day and an eye widening view of the Aravali hills that will leave one breathless. The Haveli is located 50 km away from the city of Delhi, and is overshadowed by the ranges of Aravali. Located on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway, it is a very peaceful, quiet and relaxing place.

They provide you with fresh air, organic food and a safe haven away from everyone. Bearer of four double bedrooms, the Haveli gives you a gateway away from the hassle of the city life. With plenty to do, they keep you quite busy with golf, organic farms, bird watching, body massage and photography.



1. A place in Delhi NCR against the Aravali hills

It is a perfect place for the people who wants to shoot in Delhi or near Delhi NCR. This heavenly place is located in Gurgaon.

2. ‌A space for Romance

The atmosphere of Tikli Bottom is romantic in itself. Which is always a choice of a couple for their pre wedding shoot.

3. The look!

A building with a look of a well furnished Haveli, gives a peaceful outing feeling. Not only the inside of the house is meant to capture and being secured in your photos for forever, but its outside also.

4. ‌Variety in shoot

It also has swimming pool. Which can be a good place for capturing various moments such as from chilling to have fun, from swimming to just only sitting with your partner at the corner of the pool.

5. Best time to shoot

The best time for photography in Tikli Bottom is at dawn and dusk. At that time, the beauty of this place come out entirely.

6. The Décor

There are amazing bedrooms, dining room, with an awe-inspiring decoration. These could be easily pulled off in any kind of photography.

7. Open area shots

One of the best part of Tikli Bottom is its open lawns, which are suitable for mesmerizing open area shot.

8. Nature and Greenery

The greenery of this place is one more reason to shoot there.

9. Atmosphere of the location

The peaceful, quiet and most relaxing atmosphere of this place not only gives a perfect location for shooting, but also a memorable time to spend with your partner, family and friends.

10. Nearby Attractions

The Haveli is located near a bird sanctuary, a school owned by the couple, perfect place for picnic etc.

11. A Gateway

After the shoot, one can stay in the Haveli with the couple and enjoy their own, personal time. You can also relax with the body massages, reflexology, and other activities that is provided in the Haveli.

12. Provisions

They recommend you to places to visit and even provide you with a car and a driver to go around saving you the annoyance and time to find one.

13. Hosting an Event

You can even make it a memorable trip by hosting an event in the beautiful Haveli. They allow all types of events at the Haveli.



1. Only natural backdrop

If you want to have your pre-wedding shoot here then let me tell you, it is a place with natural atmosphere. There is no such creativity as you can find in artificial pre-wedding locations.

2. Might limit the Creativity

As this location has a holistic view of nature and hills surrounded you might not be able to make your shoot more productive and creative.

3. Commercial Point

It’s an expensive place. It might overreach from one’s budget.

4. Bookings

Bookings are available via email only. You cannot book on call.

5. Not Open Throughout the Year

The Haveli is closed for visitors From April 20 to July 1.



A very peaceful place worthy for a pre wed shoot. Perfect for those who are in love with the real beauty of nature and also this place is very near to Delhi so if you want to get a touch of a hill station sort of view in your video, you must go for it!
It is an adorable place for its architecture, interior and surroundings. Also a great location for spending the weekend with your family and friends.


This location allows drone camera as well so we would suggest that you must go for the same to capture some amazing glimpses of hills.
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