The Grand Venice Mall


Want to visit the romantic city of Italy, here, in India? The Grand Venice Mall located in Greater Noida is an exact replica of these beautiful islands of Venice and provides everything- be it the Gondola rides, the gothic or renaissance palaces or simply the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This Venice themed Mall is the perfect location where you can fulfil your dream of having a romantic evening with a special someone.And a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at The Grand Venice Mall is just as perfect.

This magical place is famous for not only its Venice inspired infrastructure but also, the restaurants and the brands available in it. So it would be safe to say that another city of Venice is living, here, in India.

The Grand Venice Mall gives a movie theatre- Cinépolis, where they have all the latest movies available for people to watch. So, along with a beautiful and romantic evening, you can also enjoy a good movie together.

Along with the eating joints and the Cinépolis, there is also a gaming zone- Mastiii Zone. This is located next to the food court, and is known to be the best and the biggest gaming zone in India. So, this place is also perfect for a family getaway.

This perfect place to spend a perfect day with a special person, is located near Pari Chowk, in Greater Noida with really good reviews.



1.Gandola Rides

The best part about this place is the Gondola Ride. It is completely filled with romance. For a pre wedding shoot nothing could be more appropriate than a romantic afternoon ride in this mesmerizing canal. The ride is carried throughout the mall in a manmade canal river. The driver of the Gondola, sings classic Venice songs for us.


The structure of the stairs and veranda is so appealing and full of grace.


The lighting give the royal and magnificent touch to this place. It makes the Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at The Grand Venice Mall aesthetic.


You will find Roman architecture in the main lobby. One of the stair is built in a shape of The Tower of Pisa. The amazing thing about it is that it attracts people to use stairs instead of escalators. The long columns are painted to be seen like a normal Roman Town with towers and buildings and houses painted on them. You can even see windows that look inside each column.


The pleasing view of the statues is so praiseworthy here. These statues signify ancient Roman History.


The mall is stunning inside out. The outer structure does not reveal what is inside but is a beauty on its own.


It’s a good place for shooting in Delhi-NCR. It is located in Greater Noida and opened recently.


After the shoot you can relax in the mall’s food court or different restaurant business. You can even watch a movie in the mall after the shoot.

9. Easy Booking

The place can be booked through a phone call or a dropped email.

10.Changing Room

Even though they won’t be able to provide you with a changing room, they are willing to provide you with a lounge with all the necessary items available that is spacious.


You can even get a photoshoot done in the various restaurants in the mall if permitted by them. These restaurants can give you a nice backdrop and theme for the shoot.

12.Nearby Attractions

There are quite a few natural locations around the mall. If you are a nature lover, a shoot in these locations would feel like heaven for you.




As the place has just opened, you will find very less shops in the mall. Most of the shops are unbought or unopened..

2.Under Construction

The mall is still under construction which means there is a lot of vacant area and things used for construction lying around.

3.Not at all Pocket-Friendly

This is an expensive place. They charge ₹400 per person for The Gondola Ride. They also charge extra for a shoot. You will even have to pay for the parking first so that you can enter in the mall.


Even if it is located in Delhi-NCR, it is still far off from the National Capital. One has to travel a lot just to reach the location. It is also a little far away from civilisation. The area around it is still developing.


You will have to choose places according to the permission of photography or shooting at that particular place. The shooting won’t be allow everywhere.

6.Commercial Factor

Even if the place is really beautiful, it is still a place of commercial interest. This means that during the shoot you will be disturbed a lot especially by people that are not in the crew. You can not be able to stop the people from disturbing the shoot.


Drone photography and videography is not allowed in this place due to the commercial factor.


They do not allow props for the photoshoot in the mall. They have strictly prohibited the use of props for the photoshoot.



The mall is a great place but is not suitable for a photoshoot. But, if you do get a shoot done here the various themes and the backdrops are not less than awe-inspiring. If you are in love with Rome and the idea of a romantic backdrop, this is the place for you.


We suggest you to have a shoot at the place and have a nice shoot at the Gondola Boats with a wide angle shoot. Also don’t forget videos in the Gondola Ride because the singing is truly beautiful.
We rate this place a 3.5 out of 5.0.
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