Spiti and Lahaul Valley


The emergence of two separate districts of Lahaul and Spiti makes the district of Lahaul-Spiti. It is located in Himachal Pradesh, a famous hill station in the north of India. This emergence was done in 1960 and now Spiti and Lahaul Valley is the fourth least populous district of India which makes it the perfect privacy providing location for the pre wedding shoot.

One has to cross the Kunzum Pass which is situated on an altitude of 4,551 m while going from Lahaul to Spiti. Manali is connected to this district via Rohtang Pass, one of the popular places loved because of its beauty.

Spiti is a typical mountain desert, which is barren and hard to cross but it provide wonderful background for the Pre wedding photographs because of the Spiti River and the lofty peaks surrounding it. On the other hand, Lahaul is quiet opposite.



1.Beautiful Surroundings

What is not beautiful that is surrounded by the true wonders of nature like mountains and river? The Lahaul and Spiti valley makes a beautiful location for the couples to get their pre wedding shoot done. The beauty around them helps in brightening their pre wedding videos and portrays a dream land for the couple. Many couples who wish to be shot at the exotic barrens, this valley is the perfect place for them. .

2. Privacy

Spiti-Lahaul Valley is surely famous among the people but provides you privacy if you go for early morning shoots. The vast area let you shoot in your comfort zone without getting troubled b the presence of the other visitors. The best part of this point is that the couples can pose genuinely and the photoshoot will portray their real selves. The genuineness never fails to entertain the raw aspects and brings the best YOU in your pre wedding photographs.

3. Backgrounds

The backgrounds are the important part in a pre wedding shoot and the fast flowing river, the high peaks of mountains, the barren land of Spiti and everything around just provides the ultimate background for the pre wedding shots. The couples love these kind of backgrounds as nothing man made can truly replace these scenic beauties. These backgrounds do not require any additional add on as their beauty is more than enough to make the couple photographs special and memorable for life.

4. Style of Dresses

One of the many benefits provided by this beautiful valley is that any style of the dress, be it western or ethnic goes well with the location. The gowns, the long skirts, the anarkali suit, the saree, anything can be flaunted in this hill station. That helps the couple while choosing their outfit and they do not get more confused because of it. It saves their time and give them a wider choice. It let them wear a dress of their wish and satisfies their need.

5. Romantic

A pre wedding shoot must be romantic because it portrays the love of the two different people who are going to bind into the marriage ceremony soon. The romance does not appear itself, it needs to be brought out. This location is perfect to bring out this hidden romantic side of the partners and to openly claim their love for each other in the pre wedding photographs.

6. Affordable

The marriage is already a event that requires a lot of money and in that case it is necessary to cut the extra expenses so to stay a step ahead always in the preparations. Spiti-Lahaul valley is a tourist place and does not require any special booking or anything which means no booking cost as well. This is a financial blessing for the couple who are looking forward for their pre wedding shoot to be done in this beautiful location.



1. Location

The location of Spiti-Lahaul valley is far away from the capital and also though the roads are connected nicely, there is no direct option of the airways and the railways. The valley is located in the raw condition of the land and barren mountain desert which is a little hard to cross. The journey may soak up some energy that can make the couple feel tired. The loss of energy might also cost the excitement and the pictures can look dull.

2. No Restaurants Nearby

Situated far away from the habitats,, this valley does not offer the nearby presence of the restaurants which leads to the only option being carrying the food items from the hotel location or wherever you find a food outlet in the way. The hunger leads to rush and one can not hurry the pre wedding shoot as it will spoil all the fun and the feel of the surroundings will be lost in the open sky area.

3. No Changing Room

The unavailability of changing room can be a little trouble and it is due to the unavailability of hotels or restaurants around. The biggest drawback of not having a changing room at the shoot location is that you can not wear more than one outfit that means no variety in the looks as well. One has to come up and down all the way from the hotel the couple is staying in and that will waste a lot of time.



All the things about the Lahaul-Spiti valley, including the scenic beauty, makes it one of the best places in Himachal Pradesh and that makes us putting it into an above average location for the pre weddings.


Carry a pair of slippers or shoes with you so that you can comfortably walk on the lofty peaks and wear your heels for the shoot.

Taking all the positive and the negative points in view we would like to give Spiti and Lahaul Valley a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0.

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