Samode Palace


Imagine having the most romantic and peaceful shoot. Fall in love; spend time and getaway from everyone and everything. Fantasize you and your partner away from the everyday rush and collecting a bag full of memories for your future. Experience the legendary heritage in the Pink City of India.

Samode Palace is built of sand stone on the foot of the Arravali Range. The history of the monument is portrayed well in its architecture. The marble floor, intricately ormented pillars and the mosaic walls of the palace are the most attractive parts of the palace. The Rajasthani inspired architecture of the Palace is closest to the heart of all the visitors. No one can resist but will want to stay forever in the fancily decorated royal Palace.

It is a treat to the eyes and senses of the couples who are there for their pre-wedding shoot. The antique pieces present in the palace are not just show pieces but some very beautiful art pieces from the 18th century. They provide you the whole palace to shoot in. The gigantic place is way too much to cover in just one day.

Historic places create the most beautiful moments for the future. Full of vintage vibes and ancient spectrum, the palace has 700 years old history. Preserved and stored couples can have a touch of the old times in their videos and photos.

The Sish Mahal- room of mirrors, the Durbar Hall and the Pool area are the best handpicked places to get the shoot done in.



1. Escape the reality

The best part of shooting in these royal palaces is that they are going to make you forget everything. You can indulge entirely in getting the most dreamy pre-wedding shoot. There will be no one to disturb the two of you while you shoot and this is the best part of going away from your monotonous routine to an entirely new environment.

2. No restriction on photography

The palace does not impose any restrictions on photography. They allow drones, which is a thumbs up. This way you can cover the whole paranomic view from the fort. Also the couple has the entire fort to shoot in which means the videography can be innovative and more expressive.

3. Explore the pink city

Since the fort is not far from Jaipur, it is a plus point that you have a chance to explore the spectacular Pink city. This does not limit you only to the palace. Your photos and videos can be in as many different places as possible.

4.Local attractions

There is a small Samode village near the palace. It is known for the cloth mad eby block painting and by its handicrafts such as bangle making. The village has a small colony of artists where miniature paintings are made. People can always go around in the village which can make up some very unique backdrops.


The palace is situated away from the city and is covered by the Arravali range which makes the environment and the surroundings beautiful and green. Why go to hill stations to get the same environment when you can get it right here. This is beneficial for your shoot locations too.

4.Changing rooms and outfits

The hotel provides one changing room to the couple. The couple can change as many outfits as the want in the room. Traditional clothes are the most wanted for a photo shoot here. Silver jewellery can be used the most here. A lot of experiments can be done with the outfits here.


You can always expect a royal treatment in the Palace. From your welcome to your entire day stay you will be treated nothing less than a king or a queen. The comfort they will provide during your stay is commendable.



1. Expensive

The palace charges a lot for pre wedding shots. It is worth to spend a huge amount for couples looking for a royal kind of shoot. The photo shoot will be unique yet it can be a little discomforting for the couple. .

2.Fading glory

The palace is quite old and need a lot of maintenance to keep the rich culture alive. The only disappointing part is that it is not maintained well which portrays a bad view of the hotel. .



The Samode Palace is a magnificent and classy place. Situated away from cities and close to the Arravali Range it seems to be the most different place for pre-wedding shoot. This location is significant of the royal culture of India. Keeping the history of india alive, the couples can capture and keep their memories treasured forever.
In the royalty it will be the most romantic shoot to flaunt!


We advice couples aspiring to have a photoshoot done to choose the place wisely since it is a little high on the wallet. Make sure to compare places before finalizing one. There are no restrictions on Photography as compared to other palaces. Carry your western and Indian outfits and play with colors because the place can surprise you with some very extravagant natural backdrops.
In the royalty it will be the most romantic shoot to flaunt!
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