Sambhar Lake


Sambhar Lake is one of the largest inland salt lake also mentioned in the ‘Mahabharata’. It is located approximately 100 kms from The Pink City. The wetland is elliptical in shape. It produces 210,000 tons of salt in a year. The water sources of the Sambhar Lake are Mendha, the Rupangarh, the Kharian and the Khandel.

It is a paradise for photographers and videographers. The place unveils millions of colors that can be captured. Couples these days are looking out for some serene places like the lush green meadows or the colorful sky for a very pleasing pre-wedding shoot. There has been a significant shift in their preferences. Places which are naturally beautiful are chosen over the imitated pre-wedding shoot set ups. The Rann of Kutch, Leh Ladakh are some places which are an epitome of perfection.

Under the clear blue sky or the sky full of stars any time of the day in these places is like a step closer to heaven. The Sambhar Lake is the purest and the most satisfying place for a peaceful pre-wedding shoot. The beauty of the place cannot be described in words.

The sunsets and the sunrises cannot be missed at any cost. There is nothing better than a place so huge and with the least footfall. Have an uninterrupted shoot along with a magical time with your soulmate.



Here are some ideas for shooting at the Sambhar Lake.
1. Use Props

The huge lake can be a great backdrop for pictures along with the sky full of stars at night. Night shoots can be really fantasizing and attractive. Day shoot can also be very cool. But the wetland is quite still so prop must be used for the shoot. Props are going to add a spark to your shoot. A brunch scene can be created on the lakeside. Save the date can be imprinted on the sand and these pictures can be included for wedding invites. Rose petals can be used for some of the shoots. Color pops are the most common and are going to fire up your pictures. The mesmerizing background and the color pops are a great combination. Props like bicycles, fireworks, signboards, frames must be included in photographs to avoid a monotonous shoot.

2. The Outfit Game

The huge number of clothes in your wardrobe that have been worn only once need to come out and be a part of your pre-wedding shoot. Unlike backdrops, here with the lake on your side you do not need to think much about the outfits. There is no need to match your outfit with a backdrop’s theme because whatever you wear will suit the surrounding. Wear same clothes or color coordinate your outfits and get pictures clicked in some very cute poses.There are no themes here so a lot of experiments can be done with the outfits. Switch from Indian to western outfits. You are actually going to love the results from this shoot.

3. Play with the Wind

Do not let the wind ruin your shoot. Take cues from the local people to understand the wind patterns and then shoot. Take an opportunity of the wind and be as playful as possible. let the dupatta fly and capture some very filmy poses. The wind can actually help you capture some candid moments. Candids can be caught best with winds.



. Do not miss the sunset and the sunrise

The best of this location is the sunset and the sunrise. The entire scenery formed is indelible. Most of the romantic poses can be shot well during this time. At this point of time the sky is full of colors. Your pre-wedding album can be full of romantic poses when the sun is rising. These little things actually make up really good pre-wedding collection.

2. Experimentation

Since there are no pre-defined themes a lot of experiments can be done in terms of the outfits and the backdrops. The main backdrop remains the lake which can further be used as lake side dinner scene or maybe a small dance set up. The props can be altered a lot to set up a theme. A great variety of outfits can be chosen. The shift from a white gown to a Patiala can look just amazing and can be captured well for the video.

3. Attractions

The local attractions of the place are some temples and the whole Sambhar city. The city is quite pretty. The little village is tidy and attractive. For a boho shoot this is the perfect place. These little places have the most amazing backdrops. Another attraction is the most famous Albert Hall Museum. The museum is ancient and the intricate architecture is quite good. The lighting of the museum at night must be captured. It is a paradise for aspiring couples. If you get a chance you must visit the place and get some good shots in hand.



1. No changing rooms

Makeovers for pre-wedding shoot require proper rooms for the fact that the bride and the groom want to look the best for their shots which they want to save for their entire lifetime.The huge wetland has very few washrooms. There are only public washrooms which are not well maintained. This can give you a really hard time when it comes to changing outfits and makeup.

2. Carry everything with you

It can be very frustrating for the couple to carry everything from their outfits to their props. You literally need to be really prepared for everything. Make sure that you take a good team with you to handle the whole shoot.



On a whole the place is pretty beautiful. Nothing can be compared to the beauty that the nature has and that can be a part of your very own adorable shoot. The serene environment can make it a really mesmerizing shoot. There is a lot that can be done at the place. To differentiate your pre-wedding shoot with other’s make sure that you take up some experiments. There are a lot of local attractions that can be covered and photo shoot can take place there.


We advice all the pre-wedding shoot aspiring couples to plan well. Before choosing Sambhar Lake as your pre-wedding shoot location, makessure that you have everything planned. From your props to your outfits and the themes that you will shoot in, all this must be taken care of beforehand. It is recommended to take a professional team of photographers, videographers and makeup artists. Also take some helpers with you to have a hassle free shoot.
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