Pre wedding photography is getting higher day by day on the stage full of innovation and willingness. The couples are getting out of their comfort zones and doing every bit of effort to make the pre wedding shoot an adventure of a lifetime. Distance was just a matter of concern once, but it’s a trend and compulsion now. There are several pre wedding shoot locations around the country which are known for their fascinating and romantic background suited perfect for a pre wedding photo shoot.

Rishikesh being one of them has set its own benchmark in the list and stands at the top. Sacred River and mountain set the perfect scene not only for the couples to pose romantically, but feel and sink into the atmosphere. Celebrate the love in nature’s lap and unveil the chaos and romance between you and your loved one by getting clicked here. The beach like bank amidst the high mountain looks fascination and eye- catching in each and every context.

Rishikesh also offer two very popular bridges namely, Lakshaman Jhula and Ram Jhula which is known for its scenic view. Rishikesh is a prime site for learning yoga and river rafting which makes this place a huge tourist attraction site from all over the world. The natural and scenic beauty of huge and gigantic mountains, river Ganga flowing with full flow and a beach like river bank makes this place a photographer’s delight and convincible to get clicked here.



1. Drone photography is possible

As the location is huge and has a lot to offer for wide angle and helicam shots, it is a huge perk that drones are frequently used to fulfil photography requirements. Unlike other sites in Delhi which do not allow drones, that is not the case here. Take as much shots from the drone until unless the results are satisfactory.

2. Panoramic view

Do not forget to click some panoramic shots because the place has a lot offer for a wide angle shot. It just takes a little bit of time to get the shot so do try it. Those colourful and magnificent backdrops will do the rest of the work.

3. No On-site Charges

Unlike other locations, you don’t have to pay money for the shooting permissions. The charges are free of cost without a time limit. This is a big positive because money matters.

4. Just one day shoot

Based on our experience, the shoot can easily be done in just one day including the photography and cinematography as well. Although it varies and depends totally up to you and the photographer’s understanding. It can take more than one day under some circumstances.

5. Various Natural backdrops

Being a non-artificial and a prime natural site with rich flora and fauna, Rishikesh has everything you have desired for. It always better to get clicked in the lap of nature and feel good.

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1. Problem of Changing room

Availability of changing rooms near shoot venues can be a little problem to the couple as there is no guarantee that you will be able to find a decent place to change. If no, then the only option is to head back to your hotel or wherever you are staying for the change. This will definitely waste some sort of time and disturbance during the shoot. Changing dress can be hectic for this reason thereby.

2. Shoot Sites are on different part of the City

Since all the locations are natural and situated in different part of the town, you have to be prepared to witness to and fro moment to travel one site to other. But, all the sites are interconnected and not very far.

3. An outstation location

Check Rishikesh only if you are interested to travel all the way from your place to the location. It can be hectic as you can be tired at the end of the day and travelling can take some extra time apart from the shoot duration. Just beware of this fact.

4. Not budget friendly when it comes to travelling from another city

TAlso, the travelling includes all the type of cost including the food and stay of the couple as well as the photographer (if you hire them from Delhi or any other city except Rishikesh). This results in a huge expenditure and investment of money.



There is something about city outdoors that we just love and Rishiskesh is the perfect answer why we should opt for natural and outdoor spaces for a pre wedding shoot. Rishikesh provides the couples an enchanting and vintage ambience.

Plus, you even get to seek the almighty’s blessing before you start your journey as husband and wife. Lastly, it provides a plenty of creative freedom to shoot some beautiful photos for their save the date cards, wedding invitations, announcements and guestbook. The couple may also choose the storyline of their pre wedding photo shoot which can vary from random romantic clicks to a set story pattern. Rishikesh mostly fulfil all the elements for a couple to make their pre wedding shoot ‘larger than a lifetime experience’.



Rishikesh provides a wide prospective and options available for a pre wedding shoot. Be it hair blowing in the wind, oversized aviators shading their eyes from the sun, everything can be done easily. These things represent freedom and culture, both in one frame and the couples want this in their droves.

You can try both, traditional Indian dress as well as western dress depending upon the shoot location and mood. So if you wish to turn most precious moments of your pre wedding in to a romantic saga, Rishikesh is probably one of the top trending outstation photo shoot location for sure and you are aware of the reason now. Why wait when you have such a cool place for a pre wedding shoot! Go back your bags and get it done.

Perfect blend of creativity, uniqueness, and execution is what makes the pre wedding shoot stand out from the others. We have shot in multiple locations Rishikesh, Leh, London, Dubai, HongKong, Kashmir, etc,. Our team is well versed with all the unique and hidden location across cities and countries.
Our team excels in both candid and natural and conceptual pre weddings. We have re created Bollywood songs and the various themes for our clients! Providing all the help required to make your pre wedding shoot memorable.