Puri Beach


Puri is basically known for the famous Jagannath Temple and the beautiful beaches. Puri the city located in one of the Indian states located on the sea shores; Odisha. It is situated on the shore of Bay of Bengal, our Eastern sea and have beautiful Puri Beach.

Though known for the holy temples, Puri also attracts the people by the beaches and Puri beach is one of them. It provides a great backdrop for the pre wedding shoot and makes the pictures look bright and good.

Puri beach is a sight to be seen during the annual Puri Beach festival. It is located jus 2 kms away from the railway station of Puri and the Bhubaneswar Airport, which is the nearest airport from this beach is 60 km away.



1. Surroundings

The surroundings are peaceful and refreshing at the Puri Beach as it directly comes through the waves of the sea. The beach location will make you feel fresh and calm at the same time. You will not feel tired soon and can enjoy your time with your partner and get a beautiful pre wedding video there. Just like the mountains and the hills feel different at different hill stations, you will find the beach and it’s sand quite different from other beaches.

2. Restaurants

Being one of the important attractions the Puri beach has access to many restaurants nearby giving you a variety of options to choose from and get your hunger satisfied without spending much time in travelling and staying focused on the pre wedding shoot. Restaurants are necessary because the couple and the team get tired after a long day at shoot, trying their best to bring out the awesome output. A tiring day requires a good feast and that too nearby.

3. Changing Room

The availability of changing room is necessary as it allows the couple to change their outfits and can have a variety in the styles. It makes the pre wedding video looks attractive and like a song. It adds the element of variations. The availability of various hotels nearby helps the couple to book a room and use it. This will easier to manage the time issues and also do not ruin the interest of the shoot.

4. Easy Conveyance

The puri beach is not located in a backward area or the outskirts of Odisha. That is why it has good road connections from the railway station and the airport. It actually saves the couple from a tiring travel journey and do not trouble them much. The happy couple can shoot with a better approach unlike the couple tired from the journey and the dusty and broken roads. The partners can explore the city as well without worrying about much trouble and use their time in Puri enjoying.

5. Beautiful Background

The water bodies never miss to add the elegance in your pre wedding photographs. There is nothing as serene as the sea water and also as sharp as the sea water. It provides a kind of background that is incomparable to any hills or other natural backdrops, definitely not the man made. The couple can play with the waves, the playing Kabaddi with the waves will add the fun in your shoot making it look cute.

6. Free of Cost

The biggest advantage of shooting at this beautiful beach location is that it is free of cost. Yes, it is an unpaid location for pre wedding shoot. The couple can use the money of booking some man made location for travelling to the Puri beach and can get a beautiful beach side shoot. The sand, the waves will never let you down and you will be happy of the decision you have made. As you can have the chance to explore the other locations in the city of Puri with your loved one as well.

Location Review Video by VideoTailor


1. Location

The location is situated far away from the capital and is also located on a beach side. The weather and temperature is different a lot and makes it difficult for the couples sometimes to adjust with it. This may cause an uncomfortable situation and the pre wedding shoot can be stretched a while longer than the expected one. It’s better to consider the needful things before leaving for such a distant location.

2. No Privacy

Being a tourist location, Puri is not just a place where the locals visit but a lot of visitors too. This makes it a public place and due to that the couple might face the privacy issues. The privacy is required so that the couple won’t feel awkward in the presence of others and can easily and timely finish their pre wedding shoot successfully. But due to this privacy problem they have to constantly look for the space which takes time.



The place is beautiful and a tourist location which is loved and admired by many. Therefore, The various positive points and the short number of negatives lead us to put this beach in the above average category.


We would like to suggest the couples to get a early morning shoot for the sunrise shots and comparatively less crowded place to have privacy while shooting. Try to visit the nearby temples also and get shots there as well.

Taking all the pros and the cons into consideration we would like to give 4.0 out of 5.0 points to the Puri Beach.

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