Photo Paradise


Paradise, a place that is also known as Heaven or the Garden of Eden. A place known for the beauty and is the symbol of love in the history. Photo Paradise standing up to the standards of the name is a place that offers heavenly feeling to the couple and adds a life long memory for the couples.

It is located in Qutabgarh, Delhi and 19.8 kms away from the Mundka metro station as per google maps. A location of 30,000 sq. ft(indoor and outdoor). It covers 25 acres of land covered with a brick factory and a farm wing that covers 10 acres of beautiful landscapes and gives enough spot for amazing shots.

One of the popular place for pre wedding shoots and rapidly rising. Being the mixture of both the rural and urban, western and ethnic, antique and modern, it is a great location for both the video shoots and the still shots. The pre wedding shoot themes here are worth exploring and it gives the satisfaction to the clients with a better output than many similar sites provide.



1. Location

It’s located in New Delhi and saves the time of travelling, so that the main concentration will be focused on the shoot and not the travelling. A large area covered with natural landscapes with lesser connection with the urban localities.


The backdrops include many themes including graffities, village doors, bulb lighted walls, village setup, antique architect on wall, railway track, dome, fireplace, stable and even korean and spanish backdrops making it a romantic and amazing place for giving the pre wedding poses.

3. Props

More than 200 props are present including cycle, flash cards, antique and modern furnitures, vintage vehicles, swings, gramophone, guitar, flowers, boxing gloves, tiara, balloons, etc. to give a classic look in the video.

4. Changing rooms

The Photo Paradise has air conditioned changing rooms for the couple that makes it convenient for trying different dresses and continue the shoot without much delay.

5. Style of Dresses

As the backdrops and props are of different style with various deviations the options to choose from the different styles has increased. The couple can go with Indian attire, western wear or even indo western as per their choice and in combination with the props and backdrops.

6. Privacy provided

The place is specially designed for the pre wedding shoots and the team members also try to provide their clients complete privacy and a hassle free shoot. Also it makes the couple to feel comfortable and complete the shoot in peace and romantic atmosphere, the world being on the other side of the walls.

7. Beautiful Surrounding

The availability of various backdrops and the customization and the options in dressing allows the clients to create their own little romantic world and they can also create a shoot it the form of a story-telling, re- creating their love story.

8. Drones

Drones are allowed by the Photo Paradise team to be brought by the videography team brought by the couple. To give a more authentic shoot experience and increasing the angles to be shot from.

9.In House Cafe

The place also includes a cafe that can be set in a romantic meal shoot as well giving the couple all the more advances for their shoot.



1. Lack of good restaurants nearby

As the place is a little away from the hassle of the city lights it lacks good options of restaurants and food outlets outside and around the Photo Paradise.2

2. Way to reach the location

Lack of many facilities available around Qutabgarh and also to be located near highways, the roads are quite dusty.



The location is far enough from the hustle bustle of the city and provides a quite and peaceful aura for the couple. There, the shoot can be done in an amazing way. Also the variety of backdrops provides the couple distinct shooting spots extending from regional rural shots to the foreign backgrounds and shots as well. Thus making the place worth it for the couple and their distinctive preferences and the Indian pre wedding shoot ideas.


Highly recommendable as per the variations in the spot locations. Also we would like to advise the clients to go for a shoot of at least 7 hours or more. So that you can explore the place perfectly and can have many beautiful memories to carry in your albums throughout your lives. Also, the story-telling video shoot can be shot at the location giving it a bollywood look.
Perfect blend of creativity, uniqueness, and execution is what makes the pre wedding shoot stand out from the others. We have shot in multiple locations Rishikesh, Leh, London, Dubai, HongKong, Kashmir, etc,. Our team is well versed with all the unique and hidden location across cities and countries.
Our team excels in both candid and natural and conceptual pre weddings. We have re created Bollywood songs and the various themes for our clients! Providing all the help required to make your pre wedding shoot memorable.