Lodhi Art District


Lodhi Art District is the India’s very first open public art district.This amazing district and and artistic work can be visibly seen on many walls between the Khanna Market and the Meherchand Market.

The St+Art India foundation is a non-profit organization that works on art projects in the public spaces. This makes the accessibility of art to a wider range of the audience and the foundation hosted a brilliant St+Art Festival in New Delhi that lasted for two months. Over 25 artists, not just from India but also from across the world brought together for the process making the city attractive.

Many art interventions like installations, murals, graffiti and more took place. The passion for art and creativity turned out to be successful in transforming the area of the Lodhi Colony properly. It made it India’s first ever open public art district and a place explored by many now a days.



1. Location

The Lodhi Art District is located in the city itself and thus making it available for the Delhi couples easy to visit there for their pre wedding shoot without wasting much time and the energy in travelling. The time is an important tool when it comes to shoot and the location being easy and early to reach, it has been a boon for many partners. Also early morning shoots are not an issue for the couples.

2.No cost

The art on the walls in this Lodhi colony is an open public art gallery for everyone and hence there are no charges to visit there and click pictures. It makes it more convenient and gives couple a leverage of time, space and money. Partners can choose this place for even a second shoot as well if they have already decided an another location as an extension of their pre wedding photographs and explore the Lodhi area.

3. Colourful Backdrops

As for the backdrops, the installations and graffities on the walls are enough. The artwork including Vishvaroopa, Colours of the soul, The Origin of the World, Original Aboriginal, The astronaut which can be seen as the modern Humpty Dumpty as well and many more graffiti gives different colourful backgrounds for a colourful beginning of a new life.

Location Review Video by VideoTailor


1. Surroundings

Lodhi Art District is located near the Khanna Market and the Meherchand Market. Both the markets have number of restaurants and all kind of stuff, clothing and furniture etc. The public places makes the surrounding crowdy a bit and also it is not of any use for the couple as there is not much to do and the pre-wedding shoot area is limited to the walls arts only.

2. No Changing rooms

Being the open air public art district, the location doesn't provide any changing room. The couple has to come prepared from home for the shoot. That is a problem in morning shoots as the early morning shoots can lead to an even early wake up and doing preparations with all the make-up and stuff.

3. Non-Flexibility in Dresses

The unavailability of the changing rooms nullifies thechance of changing dresses too. The lack of changing dresses leads the couple with just a single outfit. Also the modern mural art doesn't look good with something ethnic sometimes. This increases the chance of tension in choosing dress and the style.

4. Props

Props are not provided by the location, leading the couple and the pre wedding shoot team to bring props with them and it is a difficult task to do because big props can not be carried along and it reduces the options for props leaving the pre wedding shots with lesser attractions and simple photos.

5. No privacy

The public places lack the personal space for the photoshoots. The pre wedding shoot can bring many eyes towards the couple in that very similar way which can cause discomfort to the couple and disrupt the photoshoot as well.

6. Good for still shots

Videos can be made at the Lodhi Art District but it will be cut into pieces which will steal the essence out of the video. Hence, the location is good for the still photography taken from a proper angle to cover the art and the couple.

7.No Drone Camera

Drone camera is useful for aerial pre wedding shots or for the coverage of a wide angle but at Lodhi Art District the wide angle will bring many unwanted scenes and surroundings in the frame and makes the shots look messy and unattractive.



The negatives can be overlooked seeing the positives and the no cost exploration at one of the famous places in New Delhi. So, the overall review for the location is not so bad. If the couple can spare a few hours of a day, the shoot can be easily finalized.


As Lodhi Art District is an open place and crowdy as well, we would like to suggest an early morning shoot so that there will be enough time for the shoot and can be.

Taking all the negatives and the positive points in the conclusion, we would like to give the Lodhi Art District a rating of 3.0 out of 5.0.

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