Khimsar Fort and Dunes


The place is known for the Royal forts and palaces, Rajasthan has one more fort with a history of heritage for a Royal feel Pre Wedding Shoot. Khimsar Fort and dunes was built in the early 16th century by the heir of Rao Jodha who was the founder of Jodhpur. The fortress is situated near the village of Khinvsar in Nagaur district in Rajasthan. It is located on the eastern boundary of Thar Desert and in the middle of Jodhpur and Nagaur.

The another quality of the fort other than  the Royalty is the dunes that surrounds the fort. Also the facilities provided by the Fort cum Hotel’s members is modern and up to date. Bright rooms that have antique furnitures and the floors of tiles and the decor. The Hotel also offers restaurants serving both Indian and European food. Other amenities include the pool with a poolside bar and upscale huts.



1. Surroundings

The Khimsar Fort is surrounded by dunes and the upscaled village outlook. It offers the couple to get a rustic look in their pre wedding shoot and allows them to feel far away from the city life and the hectic routine of daily. The surroundings are rustic and add the elements of simplicity and yet gives exotic pre wedding shoot. This makes the Pre Wedding Video attractive in it’s own unique way and people are forced to appreciate your choice of location.

2. Changing Room

One of the many facilities is the availability of changing roms that is provided by the Khimsar Fort. The facility of changing room is really necessary in case of the pre wedding shoots if you want more than one outfit to be worn by you. It does not only allow you to change your outfit but also saves you time that can be wasted if not for the changing room. The convenience provided by the changing room prevents the couple from getting tired and they can use their energy for the pre wedding shoot.

3. Styles and Dresses

Every couple wants to make the best of their pre wedding videos and to wear more than one dresses. Well, the availability of the changing room allows them to fulfill this desire of theirs. The location also allows them to choose the style of the outfit they can wear. The couple can wear both the Ethnic attire or can go with the western look. That makes it easier for the couple to choose and makes them worry less so that they can look good and fresh in their pre wedding photographs

4. Royalty and Heritage

The biggest advantage of shooting at the Khimsar Fort and Dunes is the Royal Background and the heritage it provides. Every couple, once in their lifetime, feels like the King and the Queen to each other and the Royal hotels are one such option for them to make their thought real for a short span of time. Khimsar Fort’s history provides the couple a sense of Royal power and makes them feel the royalty, even if it is just for the pre wedding shoot.

5. Restaurants

The other important part of the time of getting shot ready is to satisfy the hunger. The Fort premises has restaurant that offers the Indian dishes as well as the European dishes. This is important as the hunger struck tummies won’t let a good pre wedding shoot to happen and that will cause dissatisfaction to both the partners.

6. Privacy

The privacy is important so that the couples can pose freely and comfortably complete their pre wedding shots successfully. In the presence of others the couple might feel embarrassed or distracted which will be portrayed on their faces and they will be conscious throughout their shoot. Therefore, it is important for the privacy to be provided and Khimsar Fort understands this and respects the feelings of the couple attached to their pre wedding shoot.

Location Review Video by VideoTailor


1. Location

Khimsar is located on the eastern edge of the Thar desert which makes it far away from the capital. The location can leads to the journey of hours and that too tiring. The couple has to manage their time accordingly and carefully think of all the things. The couple must need resting after the journey and the shoot has to be done afterwards for the desired outcome of the shots.

2. Costly

The cost covers the packages provided by the hotel that is costly enough and the cost of travelling and accomodation. The  total cost will be more than the worthy amount as compared to the other similar locations for the pre wedding shoots. But the Khimsar Fort provides some background scenes like nowhere else. So, it is according to the choice and wish of the couples, as for what they need in their pre wedding photographs and videos.



The Khimsar Fort provided a lot of facilities that are unavailable in many similar places but also lack some qualities which brings us to a point where we have to put this pre wedding shoot location in the average category.


The Video Tailor would like to suggest our clients that take a look at the details and the terms and conditions of the Khimsar Fort and Dunes carefully and try to make their visit in the months suggested above.

Taking all the positive and the negative points of the location, we would like to rate Khimsar Fort and Dunes 3.0 out of 5.0.

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