Jal Mahal is the ideal venue for your pre wedding shoot because it is a real palace. This is the very place where Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses lived, so you can definitely recreate the story of a beautiful princess and her prince on a white horse.

Jal Mahal lies in between the Man Sagar Lake in the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur. It is built with red sandstone and is a five-storeyed monument. The lake surrounding the palace and the Nahargarh hills on the backdrop form the perfect picturesque for the camera. This place is also under Rajasthan tourism. As beautiful as it is to the eyes, you can imagine how incredible will this place be for you to escape to before your wedding for a blissful shoot.

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Positive Points:

1. Picture Perfect Venue

The place is so rich and extravagant, you do not need to worry for a single moment about the backdrop. Every nook and corner has a magnificent look. You can try out many ensembles here for your pre wedding shoot.

2. The Lake

The Man Sagar Lake is the highlight to this venue. The water is so dense blue that it contrasts beautifully with the subtle coloured sandstone walls of the mahal. During the sunset, you can definitely get some majestic clicks.

3. Royal Feels

Since this place has a historical significance, you can take the feels of a royal wedding with your shoot. There are chhatris and cenotaphs built for or in memory of the Rajputs of that time. There are many other symbolic structures which will give you too the essence of royalty.

4. Fairytale Creation

Since this is a part of the Rajput heritage, you can relate and generate the love story like a Raja and Rani or Rajkumar and Rajkumari.

pre-wedding shoot in una

Negative Points:

1. Distance

Since the venue is located in Jaipur, it will take you a few hours to reach. So you would probably have to travel a day before to not be tired of the journey. Because fatigue before the shoot would bring down the energy for the photoshoot.

2. Time Restriction

As it is a tourist place, there is a limit for the shoot. You cannot really take time according to our convenience as the place follows some terms and conditions. The window is usually from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, which is however enough if utilized wisey.

3. Booking

Being a tourist place, you will have to check the dates for shooting much ahead of your desired date.

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Pricing and the Essentials-

For details, you can check out the Rajasthan tourism website

Here’s the location of JAL MAHAL: Location
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pre wedding shoot in una


Best Time and Favourable Months

 The ideal time to visit the Jal Mahal is in October when the weather  is the most pleasant.

Overall Review by Video Tailor-

The venue is best for shoot during the months October to March for the beautiful weather. Carry some really royal and rich Rajput-like attires and jewelleries for the shoot. There are amazing backdrops that will suit very well for a pre wedding shoot. The contrast of the walls and water add to a beautiful scenic frame to give you the fairytale vibe.

Video Tailor Tip and Rating-

Since this place is located at a distance, we request you to travel a day ahead. Also, be sure to book the venue much before your required date. Carry the best of your ensembles as the place is really beautiful for it defines the prestigious tourism of Incredible India.