ITC Grand Bharat - The Ultimate Royal Venue:

Have you been looking forward for an ideal kind of photo shoot with much royal touch and fairy-tale niche? Your quest is to come true at ITC Grand Bharat, Gurgaon for your perfect fairy-tale beginning. This exotic setting is not just close to Delhi, but the aesthetic mosaics and structures of this grand location will add essence to your pre wedding shoot. The architecture takes inspiration from the stepped wells of Adalaj, Gujarat, the Orissan Nagara style Mukhteshwara temples, the royal palace of Baroda and the eternal Ghats of Varanasi.

This historical influences have been merged with modern day carvings and impressions. So if you have been dreaming of a Royal Indian Wedding as a 21st century couple, you have come really close to it coming true. The architecture also has the influence of Marathas, Mughals, Mauryas and Cholas. You will finally be living the royal life for once. If you select this as your pre wedding shoot venue, the Indian craftsmanship will add greater beauty to this shoot as the marker of the beginning of your journey as one. To add to the exotica of the place, it has a lobby called Sangam. This is symbolic of the meeting of three historic rivers: Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. Each of which signifies power, wealth and knowledge, respectively. Weddings have been much about combining and integrating people across cultures and ethnicities as two loved ones come together to be one. Our approach of Indian wedding photoshoot is much like our culture- diverse and beautiful. Such themes shall be humbly justified in this historic yet modern venue. The vibrant colouring and pictography on the walls and the subtle outer wall colour are going to complement very well as a background.

All those butterflies in your tummy with the wedding bells around the corner are going to flutter their wings more at this 300 acres retreat as you enter to see the mandala structure of this retreat. It has an enormous golf course and pools to add as the tinges of nature to your pre wedding shoot. When the sun will spread its rays across the wide field and water, the wedding glow on you shall shine even more.

Years from now when you sit down to reminiscence the glorious day, this perfect venue will give you the perfect album. Those happy smiles will remain vivid in the minds forever.

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Positive Points:

1. Picture perfect venue

The location is as beautiful as your imagination can perceive. All the fantasy of being the fairytale bride and groom is going to come true within the palace-like walls.

2. Changing room provision

If you are worried about not being able to change, you need not. You will be provided with changing room and you can take the shoot with various ensembles. If you have selected your pre wedding shoot dresses, it is time to get them all.

3. One day shoot

Luckily, you would not have to worry about the shoot taking too long. The excitement for this shoot can be completed in a day. Then, you could probably enjoy around for the rest of the day after winding up the shoot.

4. Within close premises

This retreat is just 37 kms away from Delhi. Hence, you would not have to worry about the travelling and fatigue after it. You can reach there within an hour or two, freshen up and quickly glam up for your shoot.

5. Wedding getaway

This place has exotic spa and food avenues. You could totally relish some time together at this beautiful resort. This could be a weekend getaway destination before your wedding.

6. Drones

The bonus point of the entire shoot is that the place allows drones, so we can capture really wide frames photographs and video clips for you.


pre-wedding shoot in una

Negative Points:

1. Price

The place has a high pricing for shoots which could probably pose as a drawback. However, if you are willing to spend a wholesome for your pre wedding shoot, that would not be a problem.

2. Booking

You would have to book the place before hand in order to be sure that the place is not engaged with other events. Places like this are usually booked or hosting some or the other event. Just to be on the safe side, pre-booking the venue would be a good idea.

3. Lunch Provision

The place does not provide food services with the shoot, so you will have to order from the place itself.

4. Minimum Permission

Sadly, the retreat does not allow shooting in certain places in order not to disturb their other guests. Some of which are- Retreat lobby, Kaya Kalp Spa, Swimming pool, Golf Course, Restaurants or any other area inconveniencing Resident guests of the retreat.

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Pricing and the Essentials-

ITC Bharat, Gurgaon charges 1,00,000 + tax 28% (inclusive of shoot charges along with a suite). Usually, the hotel offers a package for a day use from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. This usually rounds up to around INR 1,28,000/- and this has no meals attached to it. Drone is also allowed in outer area like lawn and entrance. Upto 4 crew members are allowed. Also, you need to book them in advance through a call and pay the 100% amount in advance- only then will they confirm the booking.

You can also contact them on: 01267 285 500 Or mail them at:
Though Gurgaon falls under the state of Haryana, it lies within the NCR and is not very far. Hence, you could easily drive by yourself, book a self driven cab or book a cab.

Here is the link in case you want to check out more about ITC Grand Bharat
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Overall Review by Video Tailor-

ITC Grand Bharat is one of the best places for pre wedding shoot in Delhi NCR. The place has numerous picture perfect places to be framed. So, in case you have some pre wedding shoot poses in your mind, gear up for this venue is all about adding charm to your smiles and you both together. We believe this pre wedding shoot at this grand location would not disappoint you.

Video Tailor Tip and Rating-

This site is less explored and would be perfect for your pre wedding shoot. The royal setting of the retreat will add grandeur to your wedding album. You can expect many picture perfect back-drops for your shoot. Specially, since you will be provided with a changing room, you can think about trying out ethnic as well as western attires as it would adhere to the ambience of the place.

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