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Gangtok is the largest and the most popular town in the state of Sikkim. It is based on an elevation of 1,650 m and located in the Eastern region of the Himalayas. The city of Gangtok is famous for its beauty and valleys which makes it a wonderful location for the pre wedding shoots. There are many benefits of pre wedding shoot in Gangtok.

The weather of Gangtok remains soothing and pleasant throughout the year and winters work as the bliss. It is fortunate that Sikkim became the part of India in 1975 once again after being a independent monarchy after the freedom.

Gangtok’s popularity makes it the centre of the tourism industry and many of the people living in Gangtok are employed in this industry, one way or another. The visitors friendly element of Gangtok makes it one of the best places for the pre wedding locations in India.



1.Beautiful Surroundings

This pre wedding location is alluring as it is situated on the eastern Himalayan range, the most beautiful hills. The flora found on these green valleys is the treat, not just to eyes but to the human souls as well. Gangtok is famous for its beauty which is still untouched upto a level. The pleasing surrounding provide great atmosphere and highly attractive surroundings for a stunning pre wedding shoot.

2. Privacy

Pre wedding shoots can be done on any place, the couple and the photographer find perfect for the backgrounds. This allows them to choose places that are not even tourist places and free of visitors. It means proper privacy which is highly required because the presence of other people might cause uncomfort to the couple and the uneasiness in the completion of the shoot. Gangtok provides the privacy that saves a lot of time.

3. Backgrounds

The great peaks of Himalayas, the lakes, the valleys and everything else too provides amazing background options for the pre wedding videos and photographs. The scenic beauty is a treat to the photographers. The photographs look one of a kind and attracts your family and friends as well. There is nothing better than the scenic beauty of hill stations for the backgrounds and Gangtok has plenty of them which makes it one of the beautiful destinations for the pre wedding shoot.

4. Style of Dresses

Hill stations are generally the places that do not require any set style of outfits. Any type of dresses; casual or formal, ethnic or western, easily gets mixed up with the surroundings. This saves the couple from a great amount of trouble and they can choose and wear the outfits they always wanted to or planned for their pre weddings. This feature provides ease to their minds and they can freely pose for their shoot.

5. Romantic

The pleasant weather and the scenic beauty are just blissful and helps the couple to bring their romantic side out. The love they have for each other can be easily seen in the lap of this natural beauty. The photographs portrays truer emotions of the partners and the genuine feelings make the pre wedding videos admiringly romantic. The high peaks of the Himalayas and the cool temperature soothes the souls.

6. Affordable

There are no charges for the booking and shooting cost and that’s how it is great to have a pre wedding shoot in Gangtok as it is easily affordable. The money that will be charged for booking the location in the hometown can be used in the travelling and the accomodation charges. This provides amazing chance to explore the location to the couple before marriage and get to know each other better. The time they spend together in travelling and exploring the place strengthens their bond.



1. Location

Gangtok is situated in a distant state of India in the north eastern parts, also it is far away from the railway station as well as the airport which makes it even longer journey to reach there. These long journeys tire the couple and that requires rest because tiredness can steal away the essence of the pre wedding shoot. The couple should plan the days and the schedule of the shoot accordingly so that they can tackle this issue.

2. No Restaurants Nearby

No matter how big a tourist place Gangtok is but the beauty of the hills can only be explored in its most raw places. These raw locations are generally not in easy reach of the facilities like hotels or restaurants which makes it difficult sometimes for the couple. They have to carry their food with them or they have to leave for the shoot after having a proper meal, so that they can avoid the hindrance caused by the hunger.

3. No Changing Room

As mentioned in the point away, that the shoot locations in the hilly areas are generally away from these facilities. The unavailability of the changing room is an important issue as it means the pre wedding photographs has to be clicked in one single outfit or the couple has to do some up and down from their hotel to shoot location and then going back and coming back again and again.



All the things about this amazing location makes it one of the preferable places in the North Eastern parts of India and that puts Gangtok into an above average location for the pre weddings.


We would like to suggest to carry a pair of slippers or shoes with you for the hilly area as you might need them for a comfortable walk on the peaks and stony areas.

Taking all the points in view, both the positives and the negatives, we would like to give Gangtok a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0.

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