When one thinks of Rajasthan, they imagine something pink, royal and vintage with a touch of modernity. What better than a royal resort in the pink city for a pre-wedding shoot? Fairmont Hotel in the capital of the biggest State in the Country gives you just that. It is a 5-star hotel on the edge of Jaipur City. It portrays the heritage and culture of Rajasthan. Inspired by the Mughals and the Rajputs, this hotel is the perfect concoction of history and present. It is an ode to the pink city through awe inspiring architecture and breathtaking decor.

From being welcomed with drums and roses to being bid goodbye with memories and smiles, they will make you feel like a royal couple throughout the journey. From the elaborate arches to the latticed windows, the luscious gardens to the enticing pool, and the lavish rooms to elaborate lobbies and corridors, the hotel will have a wide variety of backdrops for a romantic photo shoot that can not be resisted. Overshadowed by the Aravali Hills, the hotel has 245 rooms and suites.

The hotel provides with many outdoor activities, fine dining, and awe-inspiring beauty. With elaborate lawns and courtyards, never-ending corridor, wide balconies, and grand rooms the hotel would leave you wanting more.

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Positive Points:

1. Nestled against Aravali Ranges

The hotel is in Jaipur nestled against the foot of Aravali Ranges giving the best views of the hills for the photoshoot.


The hotel is situated in such a manner that the view from and of the hotel is nothing less than eye widening. From the vast land of greenery to the distant shadow of Aravali Ranges, it is truly a different world!

3. Aesthetic Photoshoot/strong>

Due to the hotel’s architecture and decor, the photos in the hotel are highly aesthetic. The photos can be taken in different modes and angles.

4. Decor

The decor of the hotel highlights the royal features of the hotel with the high ceilings, big chandeliers, and the soulful lighting. The bedrooms are beautifully decorated and can be used as a backdrop too.

5. Romantic

The hotel gives a romantic vibe when the right lighting and props are used. It can also be used as a getaway.

6. Peaceful

The hotel is the right distance away from the city to be peaceful and quiet and can also act as a romantic getaway.

7. Great Staff

The staff of the hotel is professional, helpful and polite.

8. Complimentary Lunch

The hotel provides a complimentary lunch to the couple with the room for changing and makeup.

9. Easy Booking

The hotels have many portals up for booking like phone calls and emails.

10. Near Local Attractions

The hotel is near to many local attractions that can be viewed after the photoshoot is complete. You can even have a shoot at the attractions.

pre-wedding shoot in una

Negative Points:

1. Commercial Factor

The hotel is inclined towards high pricing and it might not come into everyone’s budget. So that can be a reason why every couple will not consider it.

2. Some Prohibited Areas

Some areas in the hotel like the restaurant are prohibited from shooting.

3. Distance

The hotel is located far away from the Jaipur Airport and the National Capital.

4. Drone

Drone is not allowed


pre weding shoot in una

Pricing and the Essentials-

As of May 28, 2018, the hotel charges Rs. 1,50,000 for an 8 hour shoot. It can be booked through online portal or phone call. For bookings and inquiries you can contact Shubhti Gautam- 8003999949. She is the concern person who deals with all the things required for the shoot and can update you about details for a pre-wedding shoot.

Here’s the location of Fairmont: Google Maps Location
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pre wedding shoot in una


Overall Review by Video Tailor-

Fairmont is a royal and grand location to shoot with. This site will never let you down on expectation when it comes to pre-wedding shoot. The location is high on demand and has already grabbed attention. It is a nice choice and can make your shoot very memorable and mesmerising. You can experiment a lot within this location and try a wide range shot for a dance sequel in the ballroom area something like Ed Sheeran, thinking out loud. Drone videography and photography is a must especially with the eye warming view.

Video Tailor Tip and Rating-

We recommend you to hold a two shoot in which you can shoot at the hotel the first day and nearby attractions on the other. The outcome will be magical and unparalleled. We rate this location a full 5.