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What Are The Best 20 Pre-Wedding Shoot Dresses – Video Tailor

You can hire the best team and go to the most gorgeous location… but in the end, it all boils down to how you look. It’s what can make or break the pre-wedding shoot! Trust us, deciding what to wear is as challenging as picking the location. Choosing the right outfit for your pre-wedding shoot can be daunting and requires a bit more planning than you’d think!

Let us make your life easy by giving you the best pre-wedding dress combinations recommendations and the locations to get them from.

Best pre-wedding dress recommendations
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This gives photographers the opportunity to take creative pre-wedding shots (More recommended for photos than videos). You can simply get a long-flowing fabric attached to any of your fav dresses.

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The beauty of dress powers the photo. Dress plays the key role for a good picture. Indo western gowns come out best in the videos.


This creates an easy “go-to” look and is pleasing to the eyes in the photos and videos. If you have a concept based pre wedding, then wearing such dresses is highly recommended.

If You Have Opted for Video Tailor Services, We will guide you with complete Pre-wedding Dress Recommendations + The Information about the vendors/boutiques from which our previous clients have purchased or rented dresses.

By Team Video Tailor
The pre-wedding shoots are not as simple as they look in the photographs and the videos. There is lot of searching and researching about the various things like pre wedding location, pre wedding themes, pre wedding style, etc. And one of the most tiring and time taking search is about the “What to wear?” This article provides you the guidance for specifically the matter of outfits and the combinations from which you can choose what suits you best. So check out below some Dress Recommendations for Pre Wedding Shoot

1. Short Dresses with Shirt or Tee

One-piece dresses that go to the length of the knees or above the knees look good on girls, while the boys wear shirts or casual t-shirts as a combination for their pre-wedding photographs. The combination can easily be seen in many Bollywood songs, and the idea of trends and style setters can be derived easily from them. The combination looks cute on the couple and attractive too.

2. Short Party Dress with Formal Shirt

One-piece dresses do not only come in one style or form but there are also party dresses that look amazing, carried out with heels. These dresses add confidence in the girls, and that confidence radiates in their poses. The males can wear formal suits or shirts for a classy coordination that looks good and attractive. The candlelight dinner or just the night with the bokeh background are the themes that will look elegant with this coordination. You could go with your own choice of pieces as this coordination is very well represented in TV shows and movies.

3. Long shirts like dresses with T-shirt and jeans

The trends are going further with the knee lengths of dresses, and the mix match of formal and dresses make these outfits as well. The long shirts, like dresses, give the girls a decent and elegant look and are easy to carry for pre-wedding photographs. The male partners can wear t-shirts and jeans for a casual look and well-coordinated outfits. These up-to-date dresses come in different designs, making it easier to choose from a wide range and get a look that will attract compliments. Shoes and Boots accompany these dresses the best, making it easier to shoot at any location with the maximum comfort level in walking and posing.

4. Midi Skirt and Top with Coat and trouser

Just like the one-piece dresses, the midi skirts and the tops give the girls a trendy and modern reflection, and the combination of a midi skirt with a formal outfit of their partners, such as a waistcoat, gives an idea of class. A variety of attire in the pre-wedding shoot provides the perfect mixture of trending, classy, and stunning.

5. Casual printed Gown with Formals

Not all gowns are meant to look Royal or Queen-ly. Some can be casual and yet make you look elegant and prettier. The print has become the new trend, and printed gowns, also known as long midi dresses, are the up-to-date fashion style. The specialty of this outfit is that your male partner can wear formal shirts and a t-shirt to coordinate with it. It is more comfortable than the other types of gowns and gives you a fresher and jolly look. The floral print casual gowns come in many colors and designs, giving you a wider choice.

6. Gown with Tuxedo Suit

English is the common language worldwide, and similarly, the grace of the Gowns. The Gowns indeed make you feel like a princess. The formal look for the men is what is suggested with the Gowns, as they compliment each other’s class. Not just the classy look, but the floral gowns can match the color contrast. The combination is widely expressive and looks great on the couple.

7. Cocktail or Off shoulder embellished Gown with Formals

Party wear Gowns do not only look sexy and admirable just for the party purpose but for the pre-wedding shoots or the candlelight dinner scenes calls out for these beautiful outfits. For the men, the formal shirt with jeans goes well with these gowns. It looks up to the generation and makes the pre-wedding photos and videos a happy-go party theme.

8. Copper Sequined Floor Length Gown

The Gowns are not just of one type; the princess look gives a Gown its ancient remark. The Beige and Copper colored gowns provide a princess-like look for the women and make them the center of attraction in modern times. To add some more elegance to the pre-wedding shoot, what  is better than choosing the demand of the time. The male should wear an off-white Kurta with some golden or copper-colored work for a beautiful combination.

9. Colourful Patiala Suit with Kurta

In the generation where Punjabi songs have attained a special place in wedding functions, the proper Punjabi style of the Patiala suit and the Kurta gives a stunning ethnic and free soul look to the pre-wedding photography. Given a suitable background and the props, such as tractors in the fields, this combination of outfits gives the couple a surprisingly great look. The pre-wedding videos can have a few Punjabi songs as well. Also, try to get a proper Punjabi look by wearing suitable jewelry and also, for the boys, a simple turban.

10. Saree with Formal Suit

Coming to traditional attires, sarees are the most common in the Indian culture, though having different ways of wearing and styles across the country. Sarees embroidered with seeps and embellished work not only seek the watchers' attention but also bring shine to the Lady wearing them. The lady needs a Gentleman, and what is the most appropriate outfit for a gentleman? Of course, formal attire.

11. Anarkali suit with Kurta/Shirt/Sweater

Anarkali style suits have undergone many changes and transformations, and now the floor length Anarkali suits are also competing with the gowns. Though the cases are not so far away from the traditional attires of Indian Women, the conventional Kurtas have also undergone many transformations and are setting trends and different styles; the Men should wear them for the pre-wedding shoot with their respective women.

12. Cotton Silk Lehenga with Suit/Kurta

Talking about traditions we should not forget one more important traditional attire, The Lehenga. The princess look may go with the majority of the world but when it’s come to the royalty of India, we should not forget the phenomenal element that the Lehengas added to it. The incredible work on the lehengas does not only make them look profoundly stunning but also makes the Women look marvellous. The Suit or the Kurta on the men will look amazing according to the work on the lehengas for the pre wedding shoot.

13. Floral Kurti with Colour Coordinated Kurta

People have not yet forgotten the beautiful and stunning outfit of Anushka Sharma on her marriage and how Virat Kohli coordinated the colour of his Kurta with it. Well followed by their marriage the floral print lehengas have been seen in many functions of marriages of different people. The significance of the floral lehenga is that it makes your pre wedding shoot trendy and most of all beautiful. It leaves your admirers awestruck and the number of compliments will be countless. Moving with the trends is the new trend and hence this outfit recommendation is a must to be considered.

14. Long Floral Skirts with Striped Crop Top

If you are not looking for a heavy look in the form of lehenga then you should go with the option of Long Skirts with floral prints. As the trend of Long Skirts are reaching heights in the pre wedding shoots. To give it a personalised and a more ravishing look , crop tops having stripes will do justice to the modernity. The Men can wear t shirts or can have a casual look for the combination.

15. Casual Jeans and Top/T-shirt

It is not always necessary to look different in your pre wedding photographs as the ordinary has become extraordinary now a days. Where everyone wants to look Royal, Classy or Cute, the couples can go with the ordinary jeans and top. It will be different, comfortable and most of all real. There is already a race of looking and doing better than others but what makes your pre wedding videos and photographs unique is YOU. Thus, the best part is to have some of your pre wedding shots in your casual jeans and top outfit which will give it a more genuine look and the comfortable outfit will make you a less worried about your poses and stuff.

16. Couple Tees

Couple tees are quiet a talk in the couples now a days. You can customise them according to your own desires as well giving you an upper hand on the matter of choice. It does not look childish to have a pre wedding shoot in these t shirts. In fact they look really fun and good. It also catches the attention and brings out the enjoyment part of the couple in their pre wedding photographs. The creativity reaches the verge in this combination.

17. Twinning Together

If we are talking about trends and what is up to date, then how can we forget the twinning element. Twinning is what every other person is doing, some are doing it with their friends and others with their brother sisters. Well this is a really cute gesture of showing love and respect for each other’s choice and the love they have for each other. The twinning makes the couple look cute and fun loving. Their bond and their poses will be clearly seen in their pre wedding photographs in this outfit coordination. If not twinning then they can color coordinate each other’s outfit by wearing similar shades of the colour. Both the ideas will make them look cute and adorable together.

18. Sports outfit for Sports lovers

Pre wedding shoots are basically about uniqueness and personal elements to be added in the photographs and for this it is better to bring the things you like the most. As for example, the couple who share same interest in sports can wear the sports outfit and get their pre wedding photographs in the outfit they love the most. Not all the couple are about Royalty, some are just experience mongers and this is the outfit coordination for such couples. It will make them stand out of the queue in which other couples are standing and give them their desired “couple goals” feel and make their pre wedding shoot unique and only theirs to live in.

19. Dungaree with Tee or Shirt

If you are looking for an even more fun loving and the enjoyable pre wedding shoot, you must go with the combination of Dungaree with the tees. Now a days even dungarees got so many styles, so that the couple gets the chance of choosing among the best options. The Dungaree gives a free-spirit look to the pre wedding pictures and also makes it look great.

20. Jumpsuit with Formal Shirt/Suit

Jumpsuits are constantly changing the opinions of themselves. Now they are trending as they come in all the styles and getting popular among the TV and Bollywood celebrities. The jumpsuits come in all styles, from formal to the party ones. They look classy and outstanding in the pre wedding videos. Jumpsuits do not just provide attractive photographs but also they are comfortable and easy to carry even on the peaks. They can be wear with heels and as well as bellies. The best part is that your partner can wear jeans and shirt to coordinated with you. As you can go with the formal as well as the casual outlook for your pre wedding shoot and still can manage a wonderful pre wedding shoot with this pre wedding outfit.

Above stated are some of the Best Dress Recommendations for Pre Wedding Shoot