Diggi Palace


The Diggi Palace Hotel that is formerly known as Diggi Palace too is a Royal Palace of India. The Palace is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The city which is not only famous for it’s pinkness but also for the Royal Heritage that it continues to serve for the country.

The Diggi Palace, though was converted into a heritage hotel but still has some portion that is occupied by the Royal Family, which is also the owner of the hotel and runs it. The Palace is also famous for the Annual Jaipur Literature Festival that is held there since past 12 years.

The Diggi Palace that was formerly a Haweli belonged to the Khangarot Rajputs; Thakurs of Diggi. It is an estate that is 40 km south-west from Jaipur and earlier was a part of Jaipur state. Thakurs who owned it kept adding to the construction of Diggi Palace since 1980, which is the part of the current heritage hotel. Thakur Ram Pratap Singh Diggi and his wife, Jyotika Kumari Diggi are the current owners of the place. They are the ones to turn the Royal Palace partly into the heritage hotel.



1. Royal feel

The Royal look of the Diggi Palace attracts the couple. It adds the element of history and the relation with the kings and queens of Great India. A place that has seen the different ages of lovers makes it one of the chosen places for the beginning of a new life.

2. Surroundings

The various lawns like Front Lawn, Kewra Lawn, Hathi Chaughan Lane make the area big and beautiful enough for the pre wedding shoot and a walk in royalty can be captured. Though it is for a shoot only but the couple can feel like the King and Queen for the time sake.

3.Beautiful Entrance

The entrance is just like the window shopping and has to be attractive enough so that the customers will enter the shop. Just like that the entrance of The Diggi Palace Hotel will give you the first sense of entering the era of Royalty.

4.Changing room

The Diggi Palace team provides a room for changing and thereby making it easy for the couple to utilise their whole day in a shoot and not wasting time in wandering about the city to change outfits.

5.Options in Dresses

The availability of the changing rooms gives the luxury to change dresses and bring the variations not just in the areas of shoots but also the attire they are wearing. It gives a better experience to the couple.

6. Drones

The permission has to be taken as using drone cameras in these royal palaces and city area are prohibited in Jaipur, but if you want to use the drones inside the Diggi Palace premises, the palace team will help you in getting that permission making it hassle free and more convenient for you.

7. Restaurants

The Diggi Palace has a restaurant as well in the palace premises which makes it user-oriented and labour-saving task after a long day at shoot and even in between the shoot.



1.Out of the city location

If you want the pre wedding shoot location to be the Diggi heritage hotel, you have to travel to Jaipur, Rajasthan. The travelling makes it a long tiring process. Plus the shoot might take a whole day and should be ideally begin from the morning, a day or two will be given to the travelling and resting.

2.No Privacy

The shoot is mainly done in the common areas, like entrance, main building courtyard, lawns which makes it open for all. It can be discussed by the Hotel team and a conclusion can be derived out of it telling the team about your requirements.

3. Non availability of Props

The props are not given by the Diggi Palace team and hence lessens the chances of bigger props that can’t be carried along to the shoot. Though the couple can carry smaller props if they really want to and give the information about it to the Palace team prior the shoot.

4. No Backdrops

As for the backdrops, there are no such facilities as well. Only the area of shoot can be increased with a bigger package, so to include the darbars of the Diggi Palace.



The luxuries offered by the Diggi Palace are overpowering the negative points that are there. The overall review takes the advantage of a handy and convenient processes that are given by the hotel team making it a shot worth to give. The couple will have a time away from the daily routine and in the heritage hotel they can understand the passage of time and
ages. Giving their time to looking out for each other and understanding each other’s interests.


Taking the time usage in the travelling as well as shoot, we would like to suggest to reach the Jaipur city one day prior, so to rest at night and shoot for the next day morning. It will reduce the tiredness that the couple might had from the journey and the shoot can be done with the excitement and energy.

The various positive and negative points makes us give a 4.5 out of 5.0 to the Diggi Palace Hotel.

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