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pre wedding photoshoot in london

Get Your Pre Wedding Done In London
At Just Rs. 1,50,000

This includes the cost of Photography  & Videography,  also the cost of entire teams travel, food and accommodation

London is the capital and largest city of the United Kingdom. Standing on the River Thames in the south-east of England.

One of the world’s most visited cities, It has something for everyone: from history and culture to fine food and good times.

It has been termed the world’s most powerful, most desirable, most influential, most visited, most expensive,innovative,sustainable, most investment friendly, most popular for work,and the most vegetarian friendly city in the world


london locations for pre wedding

1. Westminster
2. South Bank
3.Barbican Centre
4.Millennium Bridge + St Pauls
5.Tower Bridge

1.Richmond Park
2.Covent Garden
3.The Vaults
4.Leicester Square
5.Kew Gardens

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"Offer Price : Rs 50,000" Limited only for two couples.

ServiceQty AmountTotal
Pre Wedding Photo & Video1Rs 60,000Rs 60,000
TotalRs 60,000

Please see helicam and shoot manager is not included in this package.

This offer is only for two couples. We have launched this offer for a limited period to do some super innovative and new pre wedding or post wedding shoot at the beautiful country of Thailand.


These expenses would be divided in half as we would be shooting two couples:

ServiceQtyAmount (in Rs)Total (in Rs)
Flight Round Trip Delhi to London24500090000
Hotel In London3400012000
Visa Of Team 2800016000
Inter City Cabs/Tram For Team for two days31200036000
Food Of The Team per Day31200036000
Misc other expenses12500025000
TotalRs 1,90,000

Please see in london package, helicam will be added only when required and it will be sourced locally from london.

The above expense will be divided amount two couples. So each couple needs to pay tentatively: Rs 1 Lakh for travel, food, visa for the team

Actual Costing for the London package is Rs 60,000 + Rs 1,90,000 = Rs 2,50,000 that is costing you Rs 1,50,000 only (including price of travel/visa/accomodation expenses of the team)

Please Note: Above expenses doesn’t include your travel, accomodation & food expenses.


travel dates

1. In our package, we charge for one day shoot, here the team will shoot for you for two days, and that too at two different locations, so you get the variety of two in one.


2. Each day team will shoot for half day for one couple,so you get ample to prep and rest as well. Unlike the single day shoots where the couple gets really exhausted and tired by the end of the day.

discount of 50 percent

3. You only pay 50% of the travel, food and stay expenses for the team as it gets shared between the two.