Concept 1
Concept 1

Your Story told by a Narrator

Narrator is the voice which tells the story of the couple with humour. This won’t put pressure on you, the client to act because things are being spelled out in the narration. And you just have to be yourselves as we place you in different scenarios.

This is a sample script to demonstrate what the video will look like. The script can be personalised according to your story.

Shot 1 : The guy, Rahul is sleeping in his bed even though its 12 pm.

Narrator : “Ye hai Rahul, umar 27 saal lekin tab bhi bacho jaisi harkatay. Aap puchogay kaun sudharega isse?”

Shot 2 : The girl, Nisha is at her office, deep in her work.

Narrator: “Arre bollywood picturay nahi dekhi hai kya? Ladko ko samajhdaar ladkio k ilawa kisi ne sudhara hai kabhi?”

Shot 3 : Its evening time & Nisha is standing in front of her office. Rahul comes to pick her up in his car.

Shot 4 : The couple is in the car chatting.
They talk to each other but the narrator voices their words.

Narrator (Nisha) : “Bohot thaki hui hu yaar.”
Narrator (Rahul) : “Yaar tumharay mai kabhi energy he nahi hoti”
Narrator: “Batao, Jab ek ka din khatam hota tha, tab dusre ka shuru hota tha. Ek he country mai reh kar bhi alag time zones mai jee rahe thay. "

Shot 5 : Nisha is at her house, pacing around her room looking distressed.

Narrator: “Par Nisha ko Rahul se umeeday badi thi aur usne faisla kia ki waqt aagaya hai Rahul ko line pe lanay ka.”
She calls Rahul.

Shot 8 : Rahul gets up at 8 in the morning applies to jobs and works out

Narrator : “Bus fir kya tha, Rahul ne artist ki tarah jeena chhod k , army officer ki tarah jeena shuru kar dia.”

Shot 7 : They are talking on the phone.

Narrator (Nisha) : “Tum sudhar jao, nahi toh mai tumhe apni life se delete kar dungi. Phir tinder mai swipe kartay rehna.”
Narrator (Rahul) : “Yar tinder mai ladko k match nahi aatay, mai sudhar jaunga…aaj se he.”

Shot 6 : Rahul is sleeping, his phone rings, he picks it up.

Shot 11 : The couple is walking towards each other.

Narrotor: “Uske kuch he mahino k baad Rahul ne Nisha ko propose kia aur Nisha ne han bol dia aur aaj ek mature couple ki tarah pre wedding shoot kar rahay hai.”

Shot 12: A camera man is shooting the two as they continue to walk towards each other.

Shot 13 & onwards : Standard pre-wedding sequence is what follows with a bollywood song playing in the background…Beauty shots, one after the other. Narrator starts reciting a Gulzar poem.

Narrator: “ Ek samundar hai jo mere kabu mai hai,
Aur ek katra hai jo mujhse samhala nahi jata..
Ek umar hai jo bitaani hai uske bagair
Aur ek lamha hai jo mujhse guzara nahi jaata.”


Designed by © REFLECTOR Studio. All Right Reserved 2019


Designed by © REFLECTOR Studio. All Right Reserved 2019