Athirappilly Waterfalls


The largest falls of Kerala; Athirappilly Waterfalls is situated in Athirappilly Panchayath, Chalakudy Taluk, Thrissur District of Kerala, India. It is located on the Chalakudy River, a river that flows from the Western Ghaats. It is 80 feets tall which makes it the largest fall of Kerala and it is also known as the “The Niagara of India”.

The river Chalakudy is 90 miles long and remains calm and smooth but becomes rapid as it nears the Athirappilly. It gets divided there into three plumes and makes the Athirappilly waterfalls stunning as they are. The river represents the flow of life and relations, as if they might become argumentative sometimes but they will also become smooth and flawless once again.

The waterfalls of Athirappilly are also a good place for the pre wedding shoot as it is also a famous shoot location for many Indian movies. Many songs have been shot there. Also the song from one of the blockbuster movie; Baahubali is shot there. To recreate the bollywood romance and the remake of the songs, Athirappilly is one of the best pre wedding shoot locations for the bollywood admirers.



1. Surroundings

The Athirappilly Waterfalls are surrounded by the dense rainforests giving it a faraway placed location. The rapid and turbulent flow of the river Chalakudy makes it a little scarier from close. The nearby forests also fetch as the bird sanctuary and offers a sight of various birds. The Athirappilly also becomes an adventurous place by having the jungle safari rides in the density of the woods. All this things and exposure brings the raw side of the nature and wilderness in the pre wedding shoot making it genuine and natural.

2. Famous

Indian movies always leave some impact through their romantic songs and exotic shoot locations and many bollywood lover couple want to have a pre wedding shoot similar to romantic bollywood love story. Well, for those couple, Athirappilly is the right choice. Many Bollywood and South Indian have many  scenes and songs shot at these beautiful waterfalls located in Kerala. Baahubali, Shahrukh Khan’s Jiya jale song, Chura liya hai Tumne, Barso re and many more songs like them have been shot here. To bring some famous attraction in your pre wedding videos and the photographs you must think about this place.

3. Dresses

Being a natural landscape any dress would work for a pre wedding location. Saree, Lehnga, Gowns, etc. for the bride to be and Kurta, coat, etc. for the groom to be, everything looks perfect at this location. The waterfalls give couples the choice of opting the dress they most likely prefer for their pre wedding photography and makes it a flexible for the couple.

4. Chaotic calm

The forests and wilderness is always a little chaotic because of it’s raw nature. But the rawness is also what makes it beautiful and amazing for the view. The river and the rainforest that surround the Athirappilly falls makes it a place as calm as the chaos of the sound of the river and the hustle of the leaves. The sound of the waves and the clasps of the leaves. This environment gives enormous pleasure to the couple visiting there and also allows them to inhale the natural essence of the raw and real atmosphere

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1. Location

Kerala is a far away place from the capital, not just Kerala but the Athirappilly falls are also located far away from the nearest railway or the airports which makes it a long and tiring journey to it. The pre weddings shoot at Athirappilly might can take more than 4 days as well according to all the travelling and settling in the atmosphere.

2. Area Limited

Athirappilly is the largest fall In Kerala and hence a dangerous one also which is why the Forest Department of the Kerala Govt. has set some limit of the nearest watching point of the Falls which is safer to visit. Hence, The area is limited and also prone the the public gathering around giving lesser space to the couples for their pre wedding shoot.

3. No Changing Room

The Athirappilly lacks the availability of the hotels and therefore also lacks the availability of nearby changing rooms which means they can not choose more than one outfit for the pre wedding videos and photographs as it is next to impossible. It will lead to a long pause which is also stupid to take because it will slow the process of the pre wedding shooting and also lessens the excitement of it.

4. No Restaurants

Being in the mid of the natural spaces and landscapes the Athirappilly Falls have faraway located restaurants and hotels. Just a few one or two hotels that falls into the radius of 2-3 kms. This is a negative point as the couple can not leave the shoot in between if they feel hungry or something as that would mean a long pause in the pre wedding shoot and also the couple has to go out from the falls premises.

5. No Privacy

Athirappilly is one of  the most popular tourist places in Kerala which makes it occupied with the tourists and the visitors almost all the time. Famous places comes with their own drawbacks and the public gathering and places leave less space for the couple to complete their pre wedding shoot in quiet and peace. They have to face the little troubles finding a place and spaces for their shoot and to get the right angles can be tricky sometimes. Waiting and patience will cover the maximum time of the couples.



The beautiful scenic beauty at the Athirappilly waterfalls makes it one of a kind and not to forget that it is known as the Niagra of India which is, in itself, a great compliment to the place. We put this place into an above average place keeping in mind all the fame and how pocket friendly the cost is.


The Athirappilly Waterfalls always look gorgeous but the monsoon season can cause some inconvenience. So the best time to visit it is from September to January. Also, heels should be avoided as the rocky and water bodies  can be a little trouble.

Taking all the positive points and the negative points in mind we would like to rate the Athirappilly Waterfalls a rating of 3.0 out of 5.0.

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