Agrasen ki Baoli


If you have been to Agrasen ki Baoli, you sure do know how perfect a picturesque it forms. This place lies within central Delhi in Jantar Mantar, near Connaught Place. Historically, it is a step well. Agrasen ki Baoli has 108 steps. It has three levels of arched niche on either side. Now, if you have not been there, you can still imagine, how beautiful it will look behind the happy couple.

This location has been used for various Bollywood film shootings such as PK starring Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma, Sultan starring Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma, and Mom starring Sridevi. It is also largely used for modelling shoots. So, it surely is a highly favoured site for pre wedding couple shoots.

Though over the years it has become a popular site, not many tourists visit. Since, it would not be crowded, you could capture great shots. The aesthetic red bricks and sunlight beaming across the walls will be a sight to see. You shall be able to capture distant shot or close up shots. The place is large and lengthy. It has numerous positions where you can display you pre planned wedding poses. This place will also give you fairytale feels because the tales of Agrasen ki Baoli has been mentioned in poetry a lot. You both shall feel the romantic Petrarchan vibes of a poet/ poetess writing for his/ her lover.

Agrasen Ki Baoli is one of Delhiā€™s oldest monument and also happens to be one the best preserved baolis of Delhi. It is located in Hailey Lane in the premises of Connaught Place, New Delhi. The famous Jantar Mantar is right around the corner. Even India Gate is only about 2 km away. Agrasen Ki Baoli is easily accessible and remains open from 7am to 6pm. The highlight is that the entry is free.Unlike the olden days when Agrasen ki Baoli was surrounded by free lands, now the place is covered by buildings and bungalows. This is a drawback which probably would not give you the perk of using drones.



1. Picture Perfect

As mentioned earlier, the beautiful stairs, arches, windows, bricks and as a whole the aesthetics of the place can create many picture perfect backdrops and moments for you.

2. Dresses

You can try on many ensembles for the shoot. You can have day as well as night effects. You can try on beautiful jewelleries. Your attires could be both Indian or Western.

3. Comfort Time

Since the place is situated in Delhi, you have the choice of completing the shoot in a day or take about two-three days to wind it up.

4. Distance

You do not need to worry about travelling because the place is within Delhi.

5. Free Entry

The place has no charges for entry fortunately. It is open from 7am to 6pm which is a good enough time for shoot.

6. Food

Since Connaught Place is right around the corner, you can conveniently grab some food whenever you are hungry.



1. Risk of Crowds

As it is a tourist place and open to all, the monument might be occupied by a lot of people, then probably you might be so lucky to have all the space to yourself. It is a risk game to play. But the visitors might be friendly to help you manage or photoshop would be useful for sights like this.

2. Weather

You need to wisely choose the day for your shoot. The summers will be too hot and winters too cold and smogy.

3. Dress Change

If you do not book a hotel nearby, it might not be possible for you to try on many ensembles.

4. Accessiblity

The place has some exotic rooms which have been locked down and can not be accessed.



Agrasen ki Baoli is a magical a venue for shoot as its stories goes about. You do not need to worry about the entry fee or shoot charges at the site. The infrastructure is a lovely view for a pre wedding shoot. You need not worry about missing out a single angle.


Make it a point to book a hotel nearby, so that you can easily change your ensembles for your shoot. Visit the place at a time when it is not crowded. Best part is that the venue is unpaid, so you can easily make the best of this opportunity.
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