Baby Cake Smash Photography | Cake Smash Photshoot

Your child is best and favorite among any child you see. Similarly his/her every special moment and moves are special to you too. We know pictures are the ultimate way that describes the nostalgic days in future hours.  Just like the baby’s first birthday, the baby cake smash moment is also in the photography list today. Being a trend and parents desirable shoot Baby Cake Smash Photography be like the best part before the first birthday that toils big smile and happy captures with the cake and lovely props along with the astonishing backdrops.

The Baby Cake Smash Photography is the one time captured memory that will just not be cherished by you but even by the little heart when he/she will grow up. The Cake Smash Session is not about the thing to capture the little cherry with smile or in a crying note face rather it’s more about having some snaps of the reactions and feeling the kid express with the matching backdrop, cake and the props.

The Video Tailor here provides with the best service for Baby Cake Smash Photography at reasonable rates and with quality work to you. Baby Cake Smash Photography is something that’s not only seems joyful in pictures but the baby even enjoys the session at the moment.

So, you can add one more album and baby photo shoot to your baby’s snapshot moments, plan up the day and get the best shoot done as the later on memory.

Here is how, the Cake Smash Session of a Baby goes step by step:


Prepare the backdrop and decorative props for the Cake Smash Photography session. Have some simple and bright shade color backdrop as that is more soothing and stands perfect for the shoot. Arrange props like balloon, cake stand, hat and ribbons all around to have a delightful capture.


Now place the cake along with the cake stand and have some snaps of the backdrop and cake as a part of the Baby Cake Smash Photography Session.


After having the record of all the stuff and backdrop themes, the next would be capturing the tiny cuteness with the cake. Playing and smashing of the cake is joyful to some and some may fall with crying camera capturing’s, but that is not the matter, the importance is if the reaction they place at the moment.


Well, after capturing every shot and snaps with all the angles and frames, now is the time for the cleanup session. Even the clean up session is under the Cake Smash Photography. So, arrange for the small bathtub, with the gentle foamed water, towel beside, some wet wipes and tissues too. After setting all things you are ready to shoot the clean session of the cake smash photography.


  • Soft towel
  • Wet wipes
  • Tissues
  • Changing clothes of child
  • Water
  • Umbrella
  • Baby food
  • Baby toys


  • The use of the trendy three layered cake with well designed look will do good to the cake smash photography of your baby
  • If your child does not eat cake, make him/her introduce and taste to that of the cake for better photo shoot results.
  • Plan the shoot in and around 10-11 months days of the baby.
  • Before the shoot, be sure the baby has taken complete nap and does not feel drowsy at the moment.
  • 30 mins before the session make him eat his/her meal, so that the baby won’t be aggressive to the cake to smash it before the capturing.

This was all on the Baby Cake Smash Photography. So, now if you are aware of all the points and ready to roll the camera with cake, let us know your dates and we will be there to do the best cake smash photography for your little heart.