Groove Into the wedding season with secrets shared by these famous Indian wedding planners. 

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With the vision to excel, Sachi Singla, the driving force behind the ideal production house of the city, hops on the opportunity to have a dialogue with the elite group of wedding planners of the city to learn some secret insights and real-life bizarre stories happening during the matrimonial-mania. Commencing towards the snaps and shots, let’s get a clutch on what the Infamous wedding planners have their ideas on for the Indo-westernised wedding rituals.


Tips from India's Top Wedding Planners In conversation with VideoTailor

The magic of photography is such that the backdrop can automatically be enhanced with the lens and filters used by fellow photographers so hold the hand of your soulmates and cover these street-styled photography suggestions-

TEST IT BEFORE YOU TAKE IT – A planned rhyme by Ms.Shikha and Ms. Shweta from Barati co.

Unpredictability cannot be predicted, and Wedding stations are no exception to this universal law. Ms.Shikha from Barati incorporated the efficiency provided by the Risk management at the time when the actual plan was charted out. Sometimes, consumers prefer frivolous ideas expecting them to be implemented within time constraints. Ms. Shweta speaks that The wedding industry may look glorious and joyful but the uncertainties are hurdles even for the adept professionals. One can avoid bizarre situations with a calm composer, an essential key to success.

 BUDGETING TO FRAME IN YOUR PLANNING- advised by  Ms Archana Goel and Mr Adyut Goel directors of Octave Events 

Couples go for a structured budgeting system to constructively prefer needs over wants. They shared their experience regarding the creativity invested to bring out a uniqueness presented on the social-media platforms abiding by the monetary limitations. Mandating the minute details, the duo has their faith in teamwork and creative problem-solving ability to overcome any problem on-field. With a Budget in hand, weighing dream weddings and finances will make it more accessible. 

TRENDS PERSON-ified, choose yourself –  Ms. Anisha from Riwaaze-E-Rishte

Projecting what suits her client best, Ms. Anisha from Riwaaze-E-Rishte advocates opting for trends as per persona, custom beliefs, and traditions and customizing weddings taking them as a base, making the wedding a remanence for the invitees. Personality over trends is what she believes in. 


Ms Mansi from Wedlac shared a similar opinion wherein she looks in for dreams and wishes each couple has picturized their marriage in. Looking towards the titbits with a little bit of innovation, Weddings can also be shaped into memories that stamp their impression in the minds of the people.

YOUR INPUTS TO CREATE THE “IT” MAGIC. – Mr Pawan Sharma from Wedding Curators

Mr Pawan Sharma, founder of Wedding Curators, often finds his customers’ styles and preferences, making every wedding distinguishing. Every couple shares a different persona and as Wedding planners, it is their craft to prop up their vision and make the best out of the opportunity, to bring out something new that has never been seen before in the matrimonial sectors. To cater to the wedding arena to look more enchanting and unique, the infusion of these differences helps to plan fresh and keep engagement. 

DIGITIZING YOUR WEDDING- Showtime events, Abhiram Kumar

Founder of Showtime events, Abhiram Kumar emphasizes personalized invitations in the Digitalised socio-circles especially in the communities where large-scale or destination weddings are hyped up. From giving personalized effect to planning gifts and invites altogether keeping in touch with the guest, while juggling the preferences of the couple are a few points in the checklist that cannot be ignored at any cost. Digitalising invites offer a huge range of creativity to infuse eliminating the need for paper and printing cost. It also gives a huge room to add personal preferences minus the hustle. 

A CONCOCTION OF PERSONAL TOUCH – Recipe by Mr Puneet and Prateek Bhudiraja from Modern Events

The co-founders of Modern Events, Mr Puneet and Prateek Bhudiraja pose a mandate on clients’ preferences that gives away relevant assistance bringing in creativity while planning a wedding. Ideas have no specific boundaries and people do nurture them which could potentially be a game changer changing the quality of the events and making them exclusive for the families to enjoy. To do so, they believe in having a transparent conversation with their clients and having a clear vision of their expectations. A presentation has a greater impact on contemplating what really connects with them and what they repell to. This also facilitates them to pitch the planning into reality, question the possibilities, and build a bridge between them and their customers. Naming this to be a collaborative approach, Puneet and Prateek find this formula to be a guarantor to fix the details. 


To every planner, a Personal touch seems to be an essential ingredient and small businesses have a keen eye for details. Ms. Mansi from Wedlac has shown her preference for giving opportunities to the scaled business houses keeping in mind the monetary constraints imposed by every client. She feels weddings to be more than just the expensive decor and brand-owned gifts. With both families having better chemistry, she relies on innovative collaboration for better performance. 

CUSTOMIZATION AN ESSENTIAL ELEMENT- Ms. Neha Mehrotra from Foreign Wedding Planners

Bollywood has left its impact on Indian weddings, says Ms. Neha Mehrotra from the years of experience she gained as a wedding planner. As a founder of Foreign Wedding Planners and mentoring newbies in the field, she has witnessed a lot of couples going pro-cinema but still believes in customization to bring in the client’s approval. Indian movies do influence but the essence is preserved only when there is alteration done on the basis of personalities which also makes the family and the guests to make them more inclusive to the occasion planned.

BALANCING THE SHEETS OF FINANCE- Ms. Megha from Moon Cloud Events

In India’s diverse landscape, families embody distinct cultures and traditions, as noted by Ms. Anisha of Riwaaze-E-Rishte. Ms. Megha from Moon Cloud Events has structured a format for her clients to budget and infuse the traditions of the diverse culture of our country. Known to cast her spells on numbers, she efficiently blends in the art of budgeting while pondering on the details as a planner giving her an upper hand to avoid untimely mishaps enabling couples to enjoy their day without drowning in debts. 

WEDDING PLANNERS, A PILLAR TO BE READY FOR THE UNPLANNED- Ms. Yachna and Mr. Sartha of The Design Atelier Event

Happy clients is the satisfaction for Ms. Yachna and Mr. Sarthak founders of The Design Atelier Event. Renovating dreams into reality is a piece of cake for the planners and organizing them just for customers’ peace of mind is what immunizes them from the oops moments and helps them to face the challenges and overcome them with efficiency.


With the purview of getting into detail about all sorts of chaos amid planning the wedding starting from magnetic decors to top-notch gift wraps, it’s the wedding planners and the client’s relationship which must tune in to get a memorable marriage. Trends are favourable to be implemented only if they are practical and go hand in hand with the personality of the bride and groom. 

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Written by Ganeev Kaur & Esha Goyal, VideoTailor your source of insight.”

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