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Instructions for the Editing

1. You are required to use the music listed here are per the ceremony.

2. Please try to use the song in top of the playlist, as we add the latest and best suited in the top of the playlist and then followed.

3. Also, each wedding is different, and there cant be one formula for the song selection, so if you think that the song that would suit best in the video is not at all present in the playlist, please submit your song request in the link here. But dont add music with submitting and getting it approved. We really appreciate new music recommendations and would really appreciate that. You can submit the song from the link provided on this page.

4. There could be changes in the song later by the client, if that is required, we need to do that as well.

5. Please don’t add couple name in the video. As if there is any mistake in the video then we have to render it again.

6. Render the video in the best quality. We recommend that you edit in premiere pro. Render settings: Youtube 1080 and bit quality as 10.

7. Don’t put our company logo in the video. It will come in the titles that we are providing you for the video.

8. We use instrumental music on decor.

9.Also use on location sound/real sound of location only if there is someone singing or giving a speech. Else, just use the music recommended by us.

10. If there are interviews in the event, use them in between the transition of songs.

11. Use cross dissolve when one song changes from another. It should not be sudden. And dont use cross dissolve in shots.

12. Also, dont miss to add couple shots in the video. They also need to be added in the longer video. Either make a small sequence of the same in the beginning of the video.

13. Please see the music should complement with the shots. For eg. if no one is crying on vidaayi, use a lighter song and not a heavy song like babul.. Add them after varmaala or make a small sequence in the beginning of the video and add them.

14. If there is any dance performance in the event like in sagan, you need to use the on location sound, and also add the original audio track so that there is more clearity. And i you are using the original audio track , then use the live sound also in the background, as it will have the sound of hooting.

15. Also, if there are 2-3 camerapersons, it is mandatory to use all the camera angles, if you are found to skip the data of a camera person for the ease of your edit, your rating will be highly lowered and further editing work won’t be provided. We have zero tolerance policy for that.


  • Titles for longer video as per the event
  • Form to link to request to add new song in the playlist.
  • Link to share to clients, if they ask for music recommendations:

Music for longer videos:

We are providing the playlists for the songs per function per event wise. You are requested to use the top song of the respective playlist as that would be most recommended by us. If the first one does not suit, then the song followed by it.


If the bride getting ready is not available with us, then you can may skip the shots and start with decor followed by sehrabandi.

1. Bride Getting Ready (if shots are available for that)

2. Groom Getting Ready/Sehrabandi

3. Decor

4. Baarat

5. Bride Entry

6. Varmala

7. Guests on the stage

8. Couples

9. Ferra

10. Vidaayi

11. Sikh Wedding exclusive songs

12. VT Wedding Teaser Songs

Engagement/Ring Ceremony/Sagan/Reception:

We have made a common playlist for all the above listed functions. Generally one couple will have either one of these function. But if they have a separate engagement function and a separate reception function, then if you pick a song for decor from the decor playlist then use the second or other song for the reception. But choose from the playlist only.

1. Venue

2. Groom Entry

3. Bride Entry

4. Ceremony

5. Couples

6. Dance

Other Small Events:

Haldi/Mehendi Bride

Haldi/Mehendi Groom

Baby Birthday