NIU Guidelines
Shoot Based Videos

Guidelines for Shoot Based Videos :

1. Time Factor :

Time has always played an important role in any project ventured by a company. Every shoot based video lasts up to minimum 8 hours. These 8 hours include the lunch break as well. The client is asked to come on time for the shoot as the different time periods of the day also have an impact on the final video. For example, if your appointed time is 7 am in the morning, the sky is a blend of orange and blue, the light is soft and these characteristics contribute in giving a very natural effect to the final video. Apart from this, not arriving on time causes delay of the entire process of the shoot.

2. Food and Travel :

Food and Travel will be taken care of by the client, unless stated otherwise by Video Tailor. All the extra charges have to be borne by the client, be it location charges, travel, as well as food and beverages.

3. Make-up :

Every individual present in the video has to look ravishing, be it an ad-film, a pre-wedding video, or a corporate shoot. Make-up of the individuals will depend upon whether it is a part of the package or not. Video Tailor offers certain packages in which make-up is included; otherwise the client is suggested to bring his own make-up artist.

4. Script and Storyboard confirmation :

The script and storyboard have to be confirmed and locked 5 days prior to the final video shoot. No further alterations will be done after the confirmation.

5. Finalization of the location :

The location will be finalized on the basis of the pictures available of the particular site. Video Tailor will be presenting the photographs of the site and will not be responsible for taking the client to various spots around the city for the finalization of the location. The decision of the location will be based on the pictures available.

6. No extra shoot day will be provided :

All the required arrangements for the shoot should be prepared beforehand and not on the spot. There are various aspects which have to be taken care of prior to the shoot, for example- availability of the team, rehearsal of the script in case of interviews, cleanliness of the shoot location, dress code (if any).

7. Only the pre-decided script and storyboard will be employed in the shoot :

Video Tailor does not welcome any extras apart from what has already been confirmed 5 days prior to the shoot. Only the script and storyboard which has been decided earlier will be implemented in the shoot and no additional modifications will be done.

8. No additional visual media :

If the client has fixed a video shoot with Video Tailor, no extra photography session will take place in the duration of the shoot or vice-versa, as this causes delay for it requires extra time and might as well inquire extra charges. Only what has been planned in advance will be executed. A photography session does not include any additional video shoot and a video shoot does not consist of any extra photography session.